5 Golden Communication Tricks To Crack SSB Interview

We all know the significance of communication in our everyday life, be it in personal or professional grounds. One who can communicate clearly and without any confusion is a winner in all walks of life, especially when you are one of those who are protecting the country. A wrong mode of communication can push any country into the hellish mouth of war. Therefore, it is the foremost requirement of any candidate aspiring to get into army, military, navy or airforce to possess a mastery of language and its mode of communication. Again, by language, it’s not any, but English itself, as it is the global and universal tongue through which countries all across the world communicate. 

But again, verbal or written communication is not enough, for communication are of two types: Verbal & Non-Verbal. A person’s body language speaks a thousand words even if he doesn’t open his mouth. Therefore, SSB in its Interview not only concentrates on Verbal Communication skills but on a candidate’ body language too. SSB Interview is, therefore, being dreaded by the defence aspirants all across the country, as it is very difficult to crack this Interview and get recommended. A candidate has to have natural leadership qualities, strong personality and fluent but impressive communication skills to get the golden ticket of success.

So here in this article, I am going to enlighten you with the 5 most important communication tricks that can get you recommended. Ready?

Tip 1 : Proper Body Posture

Before you even begin to speak, what an interviewer will observe is your level of self confidence. The only way to do that is to simply note your body posture. Walk in with a steady and confident gait. While walking inside the interview room, walk straight and look in the front not on the floor. If you focus on the ground it can mean that you are nervous and not fully confident of what is going to happen in interview. Also, you have to be careful that you don’t look arrogant because it will give a wrong impression. Just walk in a simple yet impressive manner while you enter the room for your SSB interview. Do not put your hands in the pocket. Keep your hands free. Don’t sit without taking permission and even don’t stand in front of the chair. After getting permission thank the interviewer with good gesture. Have a smiling face (don’t start smiling from ear to ear), sit straight, keep your hands on your knees (don’t clasp your hand or fold your arms near your chest), maintain eye contact while you are speaking. Also don’t keep a stiff body posture. You should always maintain a straight but relaxed body posture. Don’t show your annoyance if you are asked annoying questions. Your expression should be calm and keeping a smiling face can always help you out of such situations. Do not show you are disinterested by trying to keep your arms on your cheeks or palm. Sit straight and try to spend your time reading something and if the time is right, you can have a conversation with the ones sitting next to you, on any topic, that actually shows that you are friendly to the environment.

Tip 2 : Gestures & Hand Movements

Many of you have a habit of making hand movements when you talk or try to explain things. Hand movements can give you an advantage but it must not be excessive movements and should be kept in check. Also while doing a handshake, firmly hold the hand and give one and a half handshake swiftly. Also do not try to initiate a handshake if it is not offered to you. Don’t withdraw your hand while doing handshake because it will mean you are in haste and it won’t make a good impression. There are some things that you must not do while talking to the officials. Never scratch your nose, face or mouth because that happens when we lie. Do not look at exit door during the interview as it may mean you want to quit the conversation and leave. Do not shake legs or hands during any conversation.

Tip 3 : Speak Clearly & Confidently

Communicating in English in SSB Interview is an added advantage to the candidates, and more so if they speak confidently about a particular topic without any diversion and confusion. In order to do so in the Interview, start practising speaking in English. Drop the fear of speaking in English. Try to communicate in English with your family members, siblings or cousins or better, find likeminded friends to talk in English. You can also pick any topic and start practising speaking on it in front of a mirror. In that way you can rectify the way and the expressions you use to speak. Try to sit calmly before the mirror maintaining a smiling but a neutral face and start speaking. Maintain eye contact. Do not look at the floor or ceiling while speaking. Speak with a comfortable pace. Don’t rush. Don’t get too deep into your personal life and avoid being sentimental. If you don’t know one thing, say it clear and loud. Try to stick to your own viewpoints. Don’t shuffle between different perspectives. Use strong positive words and impressive vocabulary. Try learning 10 new words daily that will help you to have a rich stock of words to use when you speak. Be enthusiastic. Speak with clarity and confidence.

Tip 4 : Be Patient & Listen Carefully

Candidates in Group Discussion in SSB Interview tend to forget that the group discussion is conducted by the SSB to observe the ability of a candidate to achieve something through a team initiative and the way one can motivate others to follow the similar footsteps, bringing out the best in them. Therefore, it is a strict no-no for the candidates who tend to dictate others or overrule their opinions and viewpoints. While it is important for the candidate to adhere to a strict perspective, it is not acceptable if he remains rigid and stubborn to accept others’ opinions or suggestions. Therefore, always maintain a patient and tolerable attitude to others in GD. Let others speak and complete, then begin. Do not try to force your opinions on them. Don’t get angry and start shouting. This will be too extreme a situation. Don’t lose your cool. Speak slowly and authoritatively. Choose your words cleverly and carefully. You can also practise GD with your friends or family members and apply the things you need to follow in the actual Interview.

Tip 5 : Pay Attention to Your Voice Modulation

While many may think that speaking in loud and harsh tone may suit a man from defence background, well, you are wrong. This is not a movie. Communication skills do not merely mean words or body language, but also the voice and tone that you use to speak. Work on your voice, pitch and tone modulation. The high pitched voice that is soft and calm has a power of authority that any organization searches for in an ideal candidate. You should sound authoritative but not rude and that can be acquired by practice. Read out loud excerpts from the storybooks, magazines, newspapers and/ or journals and record your voice in different tones or pitch. Listen to your own voice and decide for yourself the best out of them. You can also listen to group discussions in news channels, podcasts or TV talk shows to catch the way and the style they speak in. Don’t speak too fast. Fluency doesn’t mean speed. Speak at a decent speed so that people can understand whatever you say. Pronounce the words correctly. Use a thesaurus or simply Google the right usage of words in sentences.

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Following these above mentioned tricks will surely help you in your SSB Interview. So just be confident about yourself and learn to be what you are. Accept your weaknesses and polish your strengths. Always remember, Honesty is the best policy. So. stay honest and be true to yourself. And above all, Relax and don’t stress yourself. It’s tough to crack SSB interview but not impossible! So work hard and believe in yourself. Jai Hind!

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