How Do Fighter Pilots Pee While Flying?

Jai Hind future warriors today we are going to discuss the answer to a question asked by an aspirant: How do fighter pilots pee while flying?

The fighter pilots if the sortie is of short duration, can control the urge (even though it’s hazardous to health: kidney stones) but if the sorties are long enough, it’s impossible. So initially pilots used to have those dehydration pills so that no liquid is excreted, but this was also hazardous to health as dehydration even though in small amount may lead to fatigue, dizziness and the keeping in mind amount of concentration required to fly a jet, this was hazardous to the jet also.

So some of the methods which have been developed are:

  • Piddle Pack,” which consists of what is effectively absorbent material of some kind stuffed into a plastic bag. The liquid turns into gel and hence doesn’t get splashed around. But for this they have to unstrap and unzip their suits which has causes a few accident. To understand in a better manner, imagine yourself driving a car/truck and then peeing along with also staying clear of the traffic and going to destined route. This hazard multiplies itself in the air with enemy being involved too. Additionally this was more unfavourable for women.
  • AMXD, a cup for a man and a pad for a woman is strategically placed before the pilot dons a flight suit. When the time comes to urinate, unzip the flight suit, remove the hose and the control unit will pump the urine from the cup to the collection bag, where it will be chemically gelled.


Hope we answered your question

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