How I Cracked INET In The First Attempt

The journey is important rather than the destination. After all, what destination is it if you didn’t feel worthy after achieving it. Isn’t it? Every defence aspirant has dreams to get to his uniform, run with a rush of adrenaline and do the procedures of drill and live a life less ordinary. Indian Navy is the seventh-largest navy in the world, and it carries its own speciality and strength.

Here is the list of points I want to give to you on how I cracked the exam with good marks. I hope I connect with you and help you in order to keep you guys closer to your dreams.

  1. Stop creating wrong notions of the exam.

Absolutely, the exam seemed easy for me because I was already a vivid learner and always had a habit of updating my facts and general knowledge. I just took the exam as it is. I didn’t have time to think about whether it is hard or tough or easy or whatever. The preparation was not unique in particular, except for the Maths part. But I must tell you, having good knowledge about the basics is more than sufficient for the exam.

  • What is the syllabus of the exam?

Follow these links to know the syllabus. Preparing for an exam without knowing its syllabus is like eating food without a plate.

Read: INET Officer Exam Syllabus 2020 Indian Navy

  • How to tackle the problems of time management?

Again, INET is not all in all easy but there are some areas that are significantly important that they need your keen attention. Thus, managing time is always a very important part. If in case you are already a paid subscriber of SSB Crack Exams, then you will know about this. But if you are not, then you must have time for English, the General Knowledge and the Science parts compulsorily. And since it is the Navy, we can expect some core science related questions too. If you are able to give time of about 2 hours a day for preparation, then you cracking this exam is not far away. But the cases will be different for every student. In my case, two hours were more than enough. I concentrated on Polity and Geography and few topics of Physics and Mathematics daily before INET. A very good point that I want to mention here is that while you are preparing for AFCAT or INET, both almost have same level of difficulty regarding questions. So I must say that those who were not able to qualify were probably those who marked wrong answers in the examination either by guessing or by purposefully marking it wrong.

  • Giving the best from the least

It is absolutely impossible to cover “everything” of INET unless you are a staunch preparer or an aspirant of Civil Services too along with the Defence. The questions asked in the exam are almost direct and up to the point and they just need your direct response. To put it in a most possible way, you can the questions if you are well aware of it or else you are supposed to leave it if you don’t know, just to avoid getting wrapped up by negative marking. So, the point is to focus mainly on what topics must be compulsorily covered and what all can be taken for granted. Give the best of the things from the least knowledge you know – this is the key.

  • Motivation and self-study are the key

Avoid going through all content on various social media platforms while you are preparing for the examination. Having a habit of constantly checking your mobile while at work or studying is just an unbreakable and tremendous factor that promotes in your degradation. Avoid it. You might have heard about this viewpoint – use things and value people. But we do exactly the opposite. We value things and use people, including our parents sometimes. Please don’t do that.

Also, I would like to tell you an additional point. While you are preparing for the exam, if in case your parents are behind you and pushing you for something, thank them. Try to notice the actual love behind their concern. Do not let their concern trigger your irritability. It must trigger your self-analysis skills.

  • Tackling the General Knowledge and Science

INET General Studies is very fact based. Very few parts like Polity and such relevant matters require keen analysis and more conceptual understanding. As far as INET 1 2020 is concerned, every such question was a fact based. Very few were from current affairs.

  • Tackling the Mathematics part.

Only one thing works here – Practice. Practice makes a man perfect. So do you, so am I. The way these questions are asked are all not tricky but only very few of them need special attention. Focus mostly on the Reasoning and the Numerical Ability part for better banking of marks on your side.

  • How SSBCrack Exams might help you?

Instead of placing a bunch of books in front of you and reading N number of things and wondering whether those will be asked in exam or not and get your tension and stress increased, I suggest you this better option. The SSBCrackExams app is just one-stop destination for all aspirants to cover up the syllabus in a smart way. The best example is that it takes 2 weeks for us to complete the topics of Constitutional and Non Constitutional bodies while reading it from Laxmikant. But it took a few hours for me to finish it while using app. And trust me, I get the same amount of knowledge and more bonus points are that I get regular PDFs and the mentors solved my queries. So, in a way, for those who need time-saving preparation, this will become the best fit option.

And yes, among all the available platforms, I still suggest this website. I have used N number of them but still fixed only on this.

Kyunki Baap Baap Hota Hai.

Anyways thank you SSBCrack for motivating me all my way. I wish I soon post one more article on how I cracked the SSB interview too.

Thank you.

Hemanth Kasturi

    General Studies Tutor at SSBCrackExams, Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering, Cleared NDA, CDS, INET, AFCAT exams.

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