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How To Crack NDA Exam Maths Easily

Introduction The main principle behind cracking any examination is the matter of hard work and dedication that we put for its preparation. With this thought, I am here to discuss...


The main principle behind cracking any examination is the matter of hard work and dedication that we put for its preparation. With this thought, I am here to discuss some things on how to crack NDA exam maths easily. Indeed there is no doubt the hard work is not compulsory to crack the exam, but if there could be some smart work in it, then the results could undoubtedly be improved.

About the Paper

Talking about the NDA exam, It consists of two papers. One paper among the two papers is of General Ability and the second one is mathematics. The total duration of the Mathematics paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes, which comprises a total of 120 questions. Each question is of 2.5 marks which makes the total weightage of the paper to be 300 marks. Talking about the syllabus, the paper mostly covers the topic from 11th and 12th class Mathematics.


Know the syllabus

As it is always said, “First know your enemies before going into the war”. The same applies in terms of the paper. The first step towards this is that candidate should know the proper syllabus of the Maths exam and all the chapters which are included in it. This helps in increasing our knowledge about the exam and in planning things accordingly.

Make chapter wise Time-Table

During the preparation of any exam, following a proper timetable becomes essential as it maintains clarity on how much the syllabus is completed. For the NDA Maths Exam, make a Proper Schedule and time table according to the days left for the exam and follow it properly to perform well in the exam.

Practice more through writing

What I have seen mostly that the maximum number of candidates have one problem in common that they try to read questions and their solutions. But, they always forget that it is a Math Exam and practicing it while writing helps to grasp things quickly and bring more clarity in the concepts. So, never try to look at the problem in the book itself and consider learning them. Instead, go for a pen and paper method and practice questions as much as you can.

Write formulas at one point

As we know that in Maths, there are numerous concepts and a large number of formulas. So, candidates should Write chapter-wise formula at one place so that they can access them easily whenever they want it. It will help them to remember formulas effectively, and they can also revise them within 5 minutes whenever required.

Prefer NCERT First

Though here, I would not discuss any reference book, as different mind have different needs. But, from the observations that I had, I think that the candidates should solve NCERT first over other reference books as it covers almost all the Syllabus for the exam and the level of question is also same. Moreover, it helps to create a proper base for the exam.

Practice previous year Questions Paper

Considering any exam all over the world, it is essential to solve and understand the previous year’s questions that were asked in them. Doing this will make you familiar with the pattern of paper as well as clears your doubts regarding the level of questions being asked in it. The same applies for NDA Maths Paper. So, candidates should attempt previous year questions which will also help them in increasing their practise questions.

Concept Building

Here, what I mean from concept building is that candidate should not learn just the answer to a problem but instead focus on the principles that are involved behind to bring that answer. More straightforward candidates should not mug up the formula and procedure; instead, they should try to learn methods that are being used to solve the problem. This will help them to solve various types of questions very quickly and easily.

Learn Tips and Tricks

There will always be some topics in Mathematics which take a very long time during solving them so the candidates can learn quick tips and tricks to solve those questions effortlessly. This will save time during the paper.

Do Not Stuck in a Single question for Longer Time

I know that in Mathematics NDA paper candidates get significantly less time as compared to the number of questions provided. Candidates should be good at their Questions Selection Strategies and should not be stuck at a particular point for a longer time. Firstly, they can do the questions which they are familiar with and later can come back to the problems they left behind.

Time management & Mock Tests

As we know that Time Management is considered very important from NDA Maths Exam point of view. So, Candidates should always keep their eye on the time, while doing the paper. Also, time management could be improved by solving a good number of mock tests papers before the exam, which will help them to take a real-time experience of paper and they can complete all questions very quickly.

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