How to memorize Idioms and Phrases for CDS AFCAT NDA Exams

An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally specific meaning that differs from its composite connotations. It is not the same as simile, metaphor, or hyperbole. There is nothing to do with Figurative Language. An idiom is a phrase whose collective meaning differs from the dictionary definition of each individual word. Idioms and proverbs are not the same thing. Proverbs are simple sayings that express a truth based on common sense or practical experience. To put it another way, an idiom is a speech or expression of a given language that is unusual grammatically or cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its elements.

Recognize the context

Idioms and phrases are contextual. They cannot be used in any way. These can be practised with a specific situation or set of observations. Try to comprehend the context in which an idiom or phrase was used. It will help you better understand and remember a specific idiom. As a result, context is critical. There are a few other phrases that can be used in the same context. It is determined by the rhyme and suitability.

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Make a list

Preparing for idioms is a difficult and limited task because there are thousands of phrases in the English language that are constantly evolving as new literature is written by eminent writers, poets, and authors. As a result, it is recommended that you bring a diary with you. When you come across an unfamiliar idiom, simply write it down along with its meaning and context. This diary will be useful during revision and recall. Alternatives to a diary or notebook include tablet computers, smartphones, and laptop computers.

Avoid studying without understanding

Idioms are not as simple and enjoyable to learn as most candidates believe and attempt to learn them in bulk and at random. Learn how to group and phase them. Never attempt to learn too many idioms or phrases at once. However, learning them by categorising them is a good idea.

Visual coherence

When practising idioms and phrases, relate them to stories and visualise them to help you remember them. Practicing them with this strategy will strengthen and extend your memory. Never be too quick to grasp the idiom in this way. Give yourself time and stay organised.

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Determine the Source

The origins of most idioms and phrases are fascinating. You should look for them if you want to better understand the meaning of idioms and phrases. It will assist you in creating your own or an original story. In the preceding article, we discussed all general and commonly used techniques for memorising idioms and phrases for longer periods of time and for various competitive exams.

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