Importance of Listening Skills in a GD at SSB Interview

Aside from solid communication abilities, a person should also be a good listener because he should be aware of what he has and what others want to say so that a comprehensive collection of data may be gathered and presented to the entire group if a conclusion is wanted. Such a trait can be useful when you don’t know much about the subject at hand but need to perform at a certain location. Putting together other people’s ideas and combining your own can occasionally lead to success.

Importance of Listening Skills in a GD

  • A good listener is always accepted as a member of the group, and unlike a person who always wants to speak, a good listener has the ability to accumulate points from group members. This ability to accumulate can also contribute to the enrichment of the debate.
  • Also, group members may believe that a person who listens to others should always be given a chance, therefore there is a greater likelihood of acceptance by the group and obtaining a chance automatically.
  • It has already been stated that you should never go for the quantity of speaking and then blame the system for not selecting you. Always prioritise the quality of material that you contribute to the group’s conversation and knowledge building. So, rather than waiting for additional turns, consider how you may add value.
  • Only the fish market situation emerges in a GD if everyone waits for more turns. This should be avoided because it has been seen that in many such circumstances, the entire group can be rejected, affecting everyone’s performance.

Remember to support your views with an example that can help the group comprehend your point, which may lead to your approval. This is why you’re there: to demonstrate your worth. Consider a similar situation in which your group approves your concept and you also give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions based on their knowledge. The SSB is just the simulation of real-life scenarios that might occur during the service

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