Importance of Time Management in AFSB 1 2017 Interview

An officer must know how to manage time effectively. In SSB, this is another quality that is assessed very closely by the assessors. This along with planning and decision making capability comes in very handy for defence aspirants. The aspirants should thus know about Time management in SSB.

If you can plan and see where you are losing more time and are able to make up for it in the run, then you can easily get some good points in your favor. If you know how to respect time and plan it to your success, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding.

Importance of Time Management in AFSB 1 2017 Interview


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Follow these simple tips to know about Time management in SSB.

  1. Categorize your tasks: You should clearly know what is at priority so categorizing it daily is a good practice. Do arrange them in an order of precedence and note it in your personal diary. In today’s era life is getting complex and there might be situations where multiple tasks need to be done in a go. So this tip can become handy and help take decisions rapidly.
  2. Plan your day: Planning what portion of the available 24 hours you spend in the office or at work or in studying or in exercising so that you know how much you study and how much you play. The ratio of various things will tell your priorities of life.
  3. Maintain to do list: A to-do list is essential when you have abundant work in hand and these things are a real help ensuring you do not miss on anything important. In competitive era, many aspirants ask me for a backup option. It’s never bad to have one as you never know where you will land in future. Earlier it might not be a right thing as older people suggest to do one thing perfectly at a time but now this does not really work well for everyone. So keep this in mind and select your options wisely.
  4. Do your work: You should know what to do and when. If time is to be managed properly one should ensure what work he or she needs to do. Be clear on your goals in terms of short term and long term and keep achieving while walking the ladder of success.

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