SSB OIR Test 2017 2018 Online Coaching

On day 1 of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, two rounds are conducted under this – first OIR test and second is PPDT (picture perception and description test). Merit is created on the basis of candidate’s performance in both the tests. We can say that the first test conducted in SSB interview is Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR test is a written exam consisting of 54-55 questions consisting simple linguistic, logical, analytical, and mathematical questions to test the common sense of the candidates.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test Syllabus

Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of two sections Verbal and Non-verbal:

Verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of questions based on topics such as: Relationship, Jumbled words, Coding/Decoding, Multiple choice question,  Antonym and synonym, reconstruction of sentence, one word substitution, Odd one out, common sense and alphabet test, Arithmetic questions.

Non-verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consist of questions based on topics such as: Which figure is different from the other, Completion of series, Locate the concealed figure, Fill in the correct figure.

SSB OIR Test 2017 2018 Online Coaching


SSBCrack has started an online program named SSBCrack Exams which provides online practice test series on OIR Officer Intelligence Rating test, aspirants can enroll themselves in this program to prepare well in advance and improve their chances to clear SSB interview.

SSBCracK Exams Offer OIR enrolled students:

  • OIR online full course and study material
  • Practice test based on OIR test conducted by SSB.OIR Pactice Test
  • Scheduled national level mock test where you compete with other aspirants.OIR Mock Test
  • High end analysis and reports on your performance which will help you in improving your falling areas.a1
  • Monthly general knowledge questions, current affair and all the possible SSB related news.

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To enroll in SSBcrack Exams, first a student have to register. There are two ways a student can register:

  1.  Student can register through our website by providing – Username, Email id and Password.ToRegister click here
  2. Student can register with his Facebook id and password. To Register click here

Once the student is registered he\she can select his\her respective subject in SSbcrack Exams website, For OIR Course Enrolment Click Here

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