Tips for AFSB 1 2017 Interview Screening Test

Day 1 of SSB interview is devoted screening procedure, hundreds of candidates arrive at day 1 of the SSB interview out of which only 40 to 50 candidates are screened in.

Screening Test consists of:

  • Officer’s Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) – Verbal and Non verbal
  • Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)– picture story writing, individual picture story brief description and group discussion on the Story

Tips for AFSB 1 2017 Interview Screening Test

Tips for AFSB 1 2017 Interview Screening Test

  1. Prepare for OIR test beforehand, the questions are very normal and with little practice you can clear it easily.
  2. Time is the biggest factor during OIR test, so make sure you have enough practice so as to attempt each and every questions.
  3. Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking in OIR test.
  4. During PPDT, watch the picture careful, write the story based on true and logical perception, do not deviate from the picture and write a story based on picture shown to you.
  5. Mark the number of characters, their mood, age etc correctly, provide a suitable title to the story.
  6. Write legible so that it is easy to read. Complete your story well within time, do not dive into too much details and keep it simple and short.
  7. Narration is very crucial, keep it solid, better command and control over your volume, accent, language and expression. All these factors are really important, remember first impression is the last impression.
  8. Most of the candidates totally forget about their body language while narrating, make sure you are sitting straight and not making uncomfortable body postures. Little bit of hand movements are okay.
  9. During group discussion, make sure you are calm and talking sense, don’t be under the impression that talking more and continuously will make you screened in. No, you need to talk in sense and with confidence, make sure everyone listen when you talk, do not speak just for namesake, give better suggestions to help the group and come to common consensus.
  10. During fist market situation try to sit straight and calm, wait for the correct moment and then share your thoughts, DO NOT JOIN fish market as no one will understand what you are saying even though you are saying worthy points.

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