Tips for AFSB 2016 Interview PPDT

On day 1 of Indian Armed Forces service selection board SSB interview procedure, candidates who have gathered from all over the country to their respective SSB canter have to face screening test. Under screening test two rounds of tests are conducted one is Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) and another one is Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test. Candidates who have cleared both the test will only be able to stay for the next 5 day SSB interview procedure. Screening test is very lengthy and sometimes very disappointing procedure, that’s why candidates have to push beyond their potential limit to survive the first day.


What is PPDT

As described PPDT is short of picture perception and description test, candidates will be shown a random picture on which candidates have to write a story in a brief amount of time then each candidate have to take part in a group discussion with fellow candidates where they have to discuss their stories with each other and in conclusion they have to decide whose story was the best.

In PPDT a candidate’s narrative capability is put under test along with his communication skill, technically it doesn’t matter in what language he his speaking (English or Hindi) but how better he is speaking. A candidate has to show the properties of an efficient speaker in a group.

Tips for AFSB 2016 Interview PPDTTips for AFSB 2016 Interview PPDT

  1. In PPDT, once the narration is started, assessors should not be interrupted by any of the candidates it will result badly for the whole group. It’s the group members’ responsibility to handle the discussion without outside help.
  2. Candidate should narrate his story with in one minute.
  3. If the group discussion becomes a fish market, a candidate should try to calm everybody down and continue the discussion in a well-mannered way.
  4. Don’t let the discussion go away from the discussion topic of PPDT, try to interrupt very carefully because interrupting in this kind of situation can go both ways for a candidate.
  5. Give chance or inspire everyone to speak and praise others point too if possible it shows a supportive nature in PPDT.
  6. In story writing, the story should be positive and must sound realistic. Avoid inhuman fictional possibilities in PPDT.
  7. Give a name to characters, it’s a good habit.
  8. The basic format of the story should be: a problem arises, the hero solves that problem, and hero feels happy about him solving the problem.

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