Important of Physical and Mental Courage For Defence Aspirants

We must have seen or met such people who we think have some qualities in abundance, those too who don’t seem to have any and we consider ourselves one of those who have qualities yet we fail to make it to what we desire to get.  And this often happens because we lack courage. There are certain qualities required for one to become a leader and one such very important quality is Courage. Courage is the awareness of danger that exists, and the desire or at least the willingness to face it.  It is not the ignorance of the existence of danger and its implications. It recognizes fear of danger or criticism, but enables the man to go ahead with calmness and firmness.  It gives a man control over him, enabling him to accept responsibility and to act properly in danger.  It is the quality of a man which forces him to marshal all his abilities and powers to overcome the hardships.

It is of two types:

  • Physical
  • Mental

Physical courage is concerned with danger to the person, in physical terms while mental courage comes into being when one does something which one thinks must be done due to his conscientiousness even at the cost of accepting losses / initial adversities. It is difficult to imagine military leaders without physical and mental courage.  A commander has to lead his men willingly into the battle-field full of danger.  He has to display calmness, firmness and self-control in the face of heavy odds.  He cannot turn back from his mission because of danger or hardship.  He must gain full control over his emotions.  Even the slightest sign of fear in a leader will force the men he commands to suspect the leader’s ability to lead from the front and dilute his leadership. Therefore, courage is an essential quality to face dangers and win the war.  It can be acquired by exposing oneself to harder life and doing what one thinks is correct.  Courage can be developed to some extent by ambition and inspiration.

Steps to Improve Physical and Mental Courage:

  1. Lay out Goals: Keep body, mind, and soul spiritually tuned up by daily periods of exercise and keep faith in God.  Visualize health and wholeness and entertain no negative thoughts about yourself.  Work towards being physically fit and mentally alert in solving problems arising in college, at work or in society.
  2. Composure: Relaxation / meditation and regular exercise keeps one composed.
  3. Get Inspired: Sports, travel, music, art, stimulating friends, good books and nature contribute to inspirational living.  Participate in adventure activities and rejuvenate yourself.
  4. Overcome Fear: Picture yourself as boldly attacking and overcoming your fears. Perseverance pays.  The very moment you decide that nothing shall defeat you, from that instant NOTHING CAN DEFEAT YOU.
  5. Believe: As you train your mind to believe, everything tends to move out of the area of the impossible into that of possible.  Think, believe, and visualize success.
  6. Enthusiasm can do wonders for you: Look for interest and romance in the simplest things about you. Enthusiasm will drown fear of failure and lift up performance.

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