Indian Army & Air force conduct Joint Exercise “Gagan Strike”

Indian Army Kharga corps conducts Ex GAGAN STRIKE, a joint training exercise of Indian Army Aviation & Attack Helicopters at Patiala. Combined team operations comprising ALH WSI & AH 64E are being validated in the role of aerial manoeuvre arm in support of ground ops.

Ex GAGAN STRIKE culminated with imposing fire power display of Attack Helicopters supporting deep operations by Strike Corps. Lt Gen Nav K Khanduri, GOC-in-C Western Command appreciated professional readiness of combat forces for contingencies on Western Front Kharga Corps.

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Ex GAGAN STRIKE practiced combined operations of IA ground forces with Army Aviation in Heliborne Ops to support strike forces deep inside enemy territory. Night operations with precision engagements were conducted by Attack Helicopters.

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Attack helicopters were used as the aerial arm in support of ground forces conducting drills, it claimed. Deep penetration and the eradication of enemy defences were also practised.

The drill also demonstrated the attack helicopters’ ability to fire precisely while working in tandem with mechanised columns of ground forces.

It confirmed the effectiveness of the Apache 64E and Advanced Light Helicopter WSI as weapons delivery systems. According to the announcement, the force multiplier effect of using these machines with ground operations has increased the forces’ battle dominance.

The four-day joint exercise was directed by General Officer Commanding, Khagra Corps, Lt Gen Pratik Sharma.

The drill was seen by Lt Gen Nav K Khanduri, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command. According to the announcement, he urged the battle troops to keep developing such ideas and to stay ready to deal with any emergency on the western borders.

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