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Major Maneo Francis PF 21 Para SF Shaurya Chakra : A Portrait of Valor and Strategy in Manipur

In the lush and challenging terrains of Manipur, where the shadows of insurgency linger, emerges the figure of Major Maneo Francis PF, an Assault Team commander of the elite 21...

In the lush and challenging terrains of Manipur, where the shadows of insurgency linger, emerges the figure of Major Maneo Francis PF, an Assault Team commander of the elite 21 Para (SF). Since his deployment in 2022, Major Francis has not only adapted but excelled, demonstrating an exemplary blend of courage and tactical acumen that has significantly disrupted insurgent activities.

Major Maneo Francis

Major Francis’s leadership has been pivotal in developing a robust intelligence network within the valley. His efforts have led to the meticulous gathering of actionable intelligence on Valley Based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs), which has been crucial in preempting threats and safeguarding lives. His proactive approach in intelligence gathering reflects his deep commitment to national security and his exceptional ability to operate under high-risk conditions.

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The defining moment of Major Francis’s tenure in Manipur came when he received credible intelligence about a potential sabotage operation targeting a VIP. With precision and foresight, he orchestrated an operation that was both strategic and daring. Major Francis identified a likely crossing point used by insurgents near a Border Pillar and decisively set an ambush there.

As the operation unfolded, four heavily armed insurgents were spotted advancing towards the ambush site. When challenged, the insurgents responded with heavy gunfire. Undeterred, Major Francis, demonstrating remarkable bravery and tactical genius, maneuvered his team to outflank the insurgents effectively. In a display of superior combat skills, he eliminated a high-ranking insurgent commander, known as Self Style Major, and injured another, significantly disrupting the insurgent command structure.

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Major Maneo Francis Award

This insurgent leader was identified as the mastermind behind previous attacks on the Assam Rifles, highlighting the strategic importance of Major Francis’s operation. His actions not only neutralized a significant threat but also provided critical insights into insurgent operations, further enhancing the safety and operational capabilities of his unit.

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The operation showcased Major Francis’s resolute leadership and raw courage under fire. His actions were in direct alignment with the highest traditions of military service, characterized by meticulous planning, gallant conduct, and a selfless regard for the safety of his men. The successful outcome of this high-stakes engagement significantly foiled a major insurgent attack, as confirmed by the subsequent recoveries from the site. For his outstanding bravery, strategic foresight, and unwavering commitment to his duties, Major Maneo Francis PF is rightfully recommended for the prestigious “SHAURYA CHAKRA.” This recognition is not only a testament to his personal valor but also to the spirit of 21 Para (SF) in their relentless pursuit of peace and security in one of the most challenging environments in India.

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