Mastering the Group Discussion in the SSB Interview

Greetings to all gallant aspirants, there are many apprehensions and confusions regarding group discussions. Today we will try to obliterate all doubts and dilemmas about the same. Be it in screening or GTO tasks, we are required to deliberate and discuss an issue in the group. Here candidate’s thoughts are put under scrutiny and it is their behaviour in the group that matters. Therefore, it is important to keep certain things in mind while going for group discussions.

Mastering the Group Discussion in the SSB Interview

1. Speak Sense :- You might have encountered a few people who shout at the top of their voice but speak the same point over and over again. The assessors are experienced enough to know who is in what depth. Be it any type of GD, always keep in mind that it is not how much you speak, it is what you speak. Your ideas should be acceptable and practical. If you do so, the other group members will agree with you which consequently will make it easier for you to succeed in the GD.

2. Have Knowledge :- Though most topics in the GD are of average level, it is imperative that you have profound knowledge about cardinal aspects of the world in which we live. If by chance a topic like ‘Indian Foreign policy’ is given to you, unless you have a deeper understanding of this topic you cannot continue speaking. That is why it is important to be acquainted with current affairs and other important topics. With knowledge, you will not only impress your group members but also the assessors.

3. Stay Lively :- Having a smile around your face will not even cause you a penny but will fetch you lots of points. There will be times when people will not accept your ideas, just keep your calm at that point. Like you, every other individual has the liberty to speak his mind. Even if you disagree with someone, have a smile around your face and put across your point. Mind you, there are no right and wrong points in the GD. The way in which you propound your points is important.

4. Don’t Be Rigid :- An officer never snubs the opinion of others. Respect every other opinion which comes across. It is not important that you stick to your opinion till the very end. Remember, this is a GD, not a debate. Have a big heart. Even if the other person is saying something vacuous, don’t try to rebuff him.

5. Give Chance :- Once you have spoken for a fair amount of time and have contributed enough to the GD, give chance to people who want to speak but aren’t getting heard. Remember, it is a group discussion and not a lecturette. Giving chances to all gives an impression that you are considerate towards the weaker group members. Having said that, don’t act like a moderator of the GD, first you keep your points thoroughly then give the chance to others.

6. Avoid Emotions :- By becoming impetuous you are only digging your own grave. Avoid abrupt reactions and queer expressions. It is not an informal group discussion in which you can create a furore. Bear the demeanor of an officer who doesn’t let emotions take over him.

7. Give Examples :- Have some source, example and corroboration to support your opinions. For instance, give the example of your city when you are speaking about traffic rules, crime against women or any other thing to which you can relate. In this way, your words will not only become palatable but also convincing to the listeners.

8. Eschew Fish market :- How much ever you try to avoid it, some vitriolic candidates will make the situation worse. If you want to put a point, ask the members to calm down and then speak. Don’t bother about the assessors, they are astute enough to gauge your potential.

Apart from all these points, avoid looking at the assessors in order to check whether you are getting heard or not. Concentrate on the process rather than the result. Just behave in a gentlemanly manner and you will have no problems whatsoever in the group discussions.

That is it for today about the group discussions. I hope these points have helped in some or another way. Your comments and views are always welcome. Stay tuned to SSBCrackExams for more such articles. JAIHIND!

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