5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety Before Lecturette at SSB

When we were in college, most of us would have skipped the boring class. But fate follows its own cycle. You are frequently very close to the door you were trying to escape. In the SSB interview, a candidate has to deliver the lecture for 3 MINUTES.  When we are waiting for our turn, our heart tends to beat fast, our throat keeps on drying, and feeling like why did I even land here? This is anxiety.

We all are affected by nerves. It is very normal to experience anxiety before a significant event in your life. In fact, it’s a healthy reaction to the stimuli and circumstances you’re facing. Also, you should keep in mind that a little anxiety will keep you alert and witty. But it is certainly important that you should avoid such nerves to have a detrimental effect on you, most importantly before any task in the SSB Interview.

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Here are the 5 tips to overcome anxiety before Lecturette

Always plan ahead and before the Lecturette.

It is imperative to emphasize this. Too many SSB candidates experience anxiety in the pit of their stomachs as a result of not knowing what to anticipate.  It may be quite nerve-wracking to not know what type of curve balls SSB will throw your way. Once you are well prepared you will never feel anxious.

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Practice as much as possible.

Get as much information as you can by reading. Prepare using newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Prepare at least 3-4 topics then speak for 5-5 minutes on each topic to your family, friends, or even yourself while standing in front of a mirror. To overcome your stage fear, seize every chance you can take the stage at gatherings of family and friends. Be careful to read and prepare on pertinent issues and avoid wasting time on irrelevant ones.

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Deep Breathing

Take a few deep breaths if you are feeling worried. Inhale gently.  Exhale completely. You can count the in and out breaths with your fingers up to four or five. The release of stress hormones can be slowed by taking deep breaths. Your body and mind may feel more at ease as a result. You can focus less on nervous thoughts and feelings as you direct your attention to your breathing. This type of breathing can make you feel calmer and more stable. 

Convince yourself to do it.

When a person is anxious he tells himself that he won’t be able to do this or do a particular thing. Instead make a mental note to tell yourself something that can give you a little bit of bravery to confront the situation, such as “I can do this!” or It’s okay to be anxious.

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Assume that you are the best.

While standing there or waiting for your turn, tell yourself that you are the best there. No one knows anything and whatever you will tell them, they will simply comply with it. Do this and see your confidence skyrocketing.

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