Meet Brave Subedar Narender Singh 9 PARA SF

Naib Subedar Narender Singh (now Subedar) was part of the party deployed to prevent infilteration across the Line of Control While being deployed on the Line of Control, own surveillance detachment detected move of heavily armed hostiles intruding across Line of Control with likely aim to carryout violent action upon own posts. Naib Subedar Narender in a daring and calculated tactical move led his Squad through dense undergrowth and a narrow minefield safe lane during a pitch dark night.

He displaying nerve of steel and quick thinking, sited his squad along anticipated ingress routes of the hostiles. He alogwith his buddy Havildar Bhal Singh initiated contact at close quarters. In the ensuing firefight, he shot two hostiles dead at extreme close quarters and wounded another one. His aggressive actions led to foiling of attempt of the hostiles to target own posts. For his most conspicuous gallantry, tactical acumen and outstanding leadership in combat, Nb Sub Narender Singh is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.

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