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NDA CDS AFCAT 1 2024 Exam English Cloze Test Class 3

In the rigorous landscape of the National Defence Academy (NDA), Combined Defence Services (CDS), and Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) examinations, linguistic proficiency is a beacon guiding aspirants toward success. Within the multifaceted challenges presented by the English section, the “Cloze Test” emerges as a linchpin evaluation. This article sheds light on the paramount significance of mastering the Cloze Test in these esteemed examinations, drawing insights from Cloze Test Live Class 3. It also furnishes strategic approaches, empowering candidates to maneuver through this intricate linguistic terrain with finesse.

Directions: In these questions, in the following passages some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct out of four alternatives.

We know that the average depth of the sea is about two and a half miles, but in a few places it is very deep indeed—over six miles. The air presses upon our bodies with a weight of about fifteen pounds to the square inch at __(1)__We are used to this air pressure and ___(2)___ not notice it. In the sea this ___(3)___ is doubled at a depth of thirty-five feet, and it ___(4)___ at this rate for greater depths. In the great deeps ___(5)___ the Philippine Islands, a man would be squeezed and utterly crushed by a pressure of __(6)__ tons per square inch.

Q1) (a) sea-water (b) sea-level (c) sea-bed (d) seashore

Ans. (b)

Q2) (a) do (b) did (c) does (d) have

Ans. (a)

Q3) (a) weight (b) volume (c) pressure (d) temperature

Ans. (c)

Q4) (a) expands (b) decreases (c) increases (d) shrinks

Ans. (c)

Q5) (a) off (b) of (c) on (d) to

Ans. (a)

Q6) (a) severe (b) several (c) sheer (d) many

Ans. (b)

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Demystifying the Essence of Cloze Test

The Cloze Test is a litmus test designed to gauge a candidate’s ability to comprehend a passage holistically. It entails filling in deliberately omitted blanks in a given passage, necessitating a profound understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and contextual intricacies.

Strategic Significance of Cloze Test in NDA, CDS, and AFCAT Exams

  1. Contextual Proficiency: Cloze Test questions scrutinize an aspirant’s capacity to apprehend the broader context of a passage. Military officers frequently encounter scenarios requiring a nuanced understanding of orders, briefings, and reports.
  2. Mastery of Grammar: Success in the Cloze Test pivots on a comprehensive grasp of grammar, encompassing parts of speech, tenses, and sentence structure. In the military, precise communication is non-negotiable, rendering grammatical accuracy paramount.
  3. Vocabulary Precision: Aspirants must judiciously select words that seamlessly integrate into the passage, mirroring the imperative for military officers to convey information with clarity and precision.
  4. Decision-Making Acumen: Analogous to real-world military scenarios where officers make critical decisions under pressure, the Cloze Test demands strategic thinking to choose the most fitting options efficiently.
  5. Effective Communication Skills: Military officers engage in written communication routinely, including reports, orders, and briefings. Proficiency in the Cloze Test aligns with the ability to articulate thoughts effectively in written formats.

Strategies for Excelling in the Cloze Test

  1. Contextual Analysis: Grasp the overarching theme and context of the passage to make informed choices.
  2. Rule-Based Approach: Apply essential grammar rules to ensure that the chosen words seamlessly integrate into the passage.
  3. Vocabulary Enrichment: Engage in activities regularly to enhance vocabulary, facilitating the selection of fitting words.
  4. Diverse Practice: Solve a variety of Cloze Test passages to familiarize yourself with different themes and writing styles.
  5. Time Management: Develop efficient strategies to swiftly analyze passages and make strategic choices within the stipulated time frame.


Mastery of the Cloze Test transcends being a mere test-taking skill; it is a testament to linguistic finesse crucial for military roles. Aspirants should perceive this segment not merely as an examination challenge but as a pivotal stride toward becoming articulate, communicative, and effective leaders in the armed forces. The ability to navigate and excel in the Cloze Test signifies more than just test success; it is a leap towards becoming an analytical, precise, and impactful officer in the armed forces.

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