OTA Gaya Passing Out Parade Will Be On 12 June 2021

OTA Gaya Passing Out Parade June 2021 will be live on the Official Indian Army YouTube Channel. Gentlemen cadets from SCO-46 and TES-43 courses will pass out from the academy. Officers Training Academy (OTA) Gaya is a premier Pre-Commission Training Academy (PCTA) of the Indian Army; established in the erstwhile location of Army Service Corps (ASC) Centre (North). Gaya Military Station, in the pre-independence days, had a historical distinction of being the Operation Centre of Sir Archibald Wavell, Commander-in-Chief of British India Army who steered the initial operations of the Burma Campaign from here. He later became the penultimate Viceroy of India.

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    It will be a felicitous or spectacular POP for us , because we are preparing for this honorable parade.... Up and downs come but we have to know the ideas how to fight with them... So a very congratulations for our brave and young officers for their bright future... And hoping we will be a part of same pop soon.... Jai Ganesa

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