How is PPDT Conducted During SSB Interview

PPDT is short for picture perception and description test, candidates will be shown a random picture on which candidates have to write a story in a brief amount of time then each candidate have to take part in a group discussion with fellow candidates where they have to discuss their stories with each other and in conclusion they have to decide whose story was the best.

In PPDT a candidate’s narrative capability is put under test along with his communication skill, technically it doesn’t matter in what language he his speaking (English or Hindi) but how better he is speaking. A candidate has to show the properties of an efficient speaker in a group.

How is PPDT Conducted During SSB Interview

How is PPDT Conducted During SSB Interview

  • During PPDT a bit hazy or blurred picture is shown to the candidates for about 30 seconds.
  • In about next one minute candidates have to write down the details that have noticed in the picture, it will help them in narrating the story (This part is brings out the perception from the PPDT). Say for example in the above given picture a candidate may notice following things:
  1. There are two living characters in the picture, one is male and other one is female.
  2. There is one table with one gun on it; one TV which is ON and no one’s looking at it; there is one window with no curtains, one painting hanging on the wall, one sofa and one stand.
  3. Male in the picture is formally dressed and looks between 35-40 years in age, he is loosening up his tie and his facial expressions are tensed and tired.
  4. Female in the picture is formally dressed and looks between 25-30 years in age, she is sitting on the sofa and her facial expressions are sad and disappointed.
  • These assumption or heat reading of the picture in PPDT is very crucial, the better your skills are the better story you will narrate.
  • After writing down the details of the picture, candidates will be given 4 minutes of time to write the story.
  • After story writing part is complete candidates will formed in a group and story discussion part will start.

Things to know while writing PPDT

Things to know when writing PPDT,

  • Always start the story with the introduction of the central character. Avoid making it a group story by using words such as ‘a group of friends’, you may use a central character and call others as his/her friends.
  • Try to show some short sequence of actions that lead to the situation in the picture rather than suddenly making the situation appear out of the blues. This shows you’re able to organize your ideas in a better way.
  • Avoid using negative words as much as you can. You’ll lose points for it as examiners are looking for your positive attitude in this stage.
  • Avoid using a love affair plot in your story, especially if you’re applying for a graduate entry. Your story will look immature for your level of mentality. It’s excusable for NDA and TES aspirants though.
  • When you narrate your story, start with what you’ve perceived from the picture in one sentence and then begin narrating your story. You can add a few words to what you’ve written but don’t deviate too much from your main plot.
  • Try to maximize your participation in the discussion that follows the narration.
  • Don’t let the discussion go away from the discussion topic of PPDT, try to interrupt very carefully because interrupting in these kind of situation can go both ways for a candidate.
  • If group has decided to follow a story, try and follow them even if it varies from your story. Contradicting them under such condition will show that you can’t adapt to the group.

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