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What is a Premature Retirement in Army and why are Soldiers Opting for it?

We all may have heard the term Premature Retirement once in a while. Premature retirement refers to the departure or retirement of a government employee from his/her service before or...

We all may have heard the term Premature Retirement once in a while. Premature retirement refers to the departure or retirement of a government employee from his/her service before or after reaching the age or completing the qualifying service stipulated for the purpose. In Layman’s words, we can say Premature retirement is retiring before the completion of one’s service.

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Premature Retirement in the Armed Forces

Premature retirement in the Indian Army refers to the voluntary retirement of a person before completing their complete service tenure. The Indian Army has various laws and policies governing premature retirement, which differ depending on the individual’s rank and term of service.

What is a Premature Retirement in Army and why are Soldiers Opting for it
Premature Retirement in the Armed Forces

In general, officers or Soldiers in the Indian Army can seek early retirement after 20 years of service or obtain a certain rank, such as Colonel or Brigadier. Other considerations, such as personal reasons, health concerns, or professional opportunities outside the military, may also influence the choice to retire early. Even if any soldier seeks a retirement before the completion of 20 years, it will be known as Premature retirement.

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Is there a Pension for Pre-Matured Retired Personnel?

If the individual is discharged at his own desire and the qualifying service is less than 15 years, no service pension is available. If the qualifying service rendered is 15 years or more, the Service Pension is available for the rank and group as well as the qualifying service rendered, just as it is for those who were dismissed upon completion of their terms of engagement. If an individual is discharged from duty under the Army Act, he or she is not eligible for a service pension. However, in such cases, service pension is admissible at the President’s discretion, not exceeding the rate that would have been admissible had he been discharged under normal circumstances. The minimum qualifying service to earn a pension is 20 years in the case of Commissioned Officer and 15 years in the case of Personnel Below Officer Rank.

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Procedure to Apply for a Premature Retirement

Premature retirement is initiated by submitting an application to the proper authorities, often the Army Headquarters or respective command, outlining the grounds for seeking early retirement. The application is then assessed, and a decision is made based on a variety of variables, including the individual’s service record, future Army requirements, and overall operational demands.

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If the application for early retirement is approved, the officer is relieved of active duty and provided retirement benefits in accordance with Indian Army regulations. Depending on the individual’s duration of service and rank, these perks may include a pension, medical facilities, and other post-retirement privileges. It is crucial to note that in the Indian Army, early retirement is distinct from compulsory retirement, which may be imposed on an individual due to disciplinary or performance difficulties. Premature retirement is a voluntary decision taken by military personnel that must be approved by the appropriate authorities.

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What is the Reason for Opting Pre-Mature Retirement in the Armed Forces?

Well nowadays, many people join the Armed Forces for adventure. They want to seek what is not in regular Civilian Life. Also, the Government has made various provisions regarding the Short Service Commission in the case of Officers and the Agnipath Scheme in the case of Soldiers. Any person who is retiring as an officer in an SSC (max service 14 years) and Agnipath (4 years) are not granted any pension but superannuation.

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The job in the armed forces is rigorous and constant. As you advance in your career, your opportunities for advancement become more limited due to fewer vacancies in higher positions. As a result, there is a lot of competition. Another issue is that family life is disrupted as a result of protracted separations while on posting. So, when you are young and have few responsibilities, you can survive; however, as your responsibilities increase, people prefer to make up for lost time. Retired Personnel go for other government jobs and are also preferred over others in the private sector.

In the case of soldiers, many of them look for various government jobs that are in Banking Sector or SSC or other recruiting institutions. The government also provides various reservations to ex-servicemen in various vacancies and thus they prefer to switch the services. As a result, leaving service after the initial engagement is a win-win situation.

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