Recommended For National Defence Academy From 3 AFSB Gandhinagar

Hello everyone this is me Hemant Swamy the reason you are reading this today is because I recently got recommended for NDA 148 from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar. So the catch with my case is I have cleared all the stages of NDA in my first attempt 12th appearing, which is written in November, SSB in February, CPSS, and flying medical in March.

When I was in 11th I was crystal clear is that I am only up for NDA as that was my interest and my dream to be a pilot in IAF. So now the goal was set now the question was how to get started, at that time I was in 11th and I preferred not to give 11th appearing NDA written attempt as it made no sense to me. Later the same year when I just entered 12th I was fully set but the issue was I was not sure whether could I complete the maths portion before the exam.

And then I got the great news that the exams had been postponed from Sep to Nov and also there was lockdown-2. At its peak, this was a golden opportunity that I considered, and there came SSBCrackExam to my rescue. I took their NDA written exam plan and for one month straight, I just dived into their content and surprisingly I was able to complete the maths portion of maths in a single freaking month.

Then approached the exam I had at my center in Bangalore I went there and witnessed the maths portion was a standard one but I didn’t give up I gave it and I was able to make it. Later I prepared for SSB Interview on my own and was able to make it on my first attempt.

This was I was able to successfully able to make my dream come true and I would like to say each and every aspirant out there to believe in themselves and yes hard work is the key.

I hope everyone succeeds in their plans and all the BEST!!!    

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  1. Purav

    Hello sir, i wanted to ask that do I have to give three different ssbs for IAF Army and navy after NDA?
  2. Vandana jangid

    Konsi class se indian navy join hoti hai

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