Why Most Aspirants Lose Trust In Being Recommended In SSB Interview?


When the stories are long enough to be said, then even the speaker becomes teacher and the listener becomes bored or becomes a disciple. You know there was a person who was travelling all across the world and was collecting different stories from different countries. He went to Israel, he got around few hundred. He went to Japan; it was few more hundreds. In Russia, there were many. In USA, there were too many. He went to China and he need to spend there around few months. The moment he came to India, he never left. Not because he loved the stories, but because the stories never ended. In India, we have stories for everything. Why where you late? There was an accident and that’s a story. Why did you not do so and so work? Another story. Where were you all this time? Another story. Why did you score less in exam? Some other story. And these stories have become an unbreakable part of our life, so much so, that a day without stories seems to be the ‘busiest’ day of life.

You might term anything to these stories. These can be termed as excuses or as genuine regrets. But have you ever discovered this beautiful formula ever before?

Job Not Done + Good Story = Job Done.

Yeah! True that your brain works in so beautiful formulation and deceptive strategies to your own self that you don’t trust yourself that YOU are the driver of your life.

Everyday each of you read a hundred motivation quotes. But all motivation is to just gain knowledge and sit on and relax. We have tremendous amounts of time to go for a movie with friends or spend time online or do some nonsense. When someone asks, “What are you doing with your phone without studying?” – aspirants today retort back with more good answer “Studying in Phone.” True that I am not mocking the ‘real’ hard workers who are watching videos daily to improve themselves in their studies, but I am definitely talking about the CHEAT GANG out there.

The best answer to the question that is posed above this article is “YOU DON’T TRUST YOURSELF!” When you lose the trust in yourself, you lose trust in being selected. Don’t worry, what you are reading might be a serious contemplation on your defensive strategies of mind. True, we are evolved fighting for our existence since the early ages. But just put your defences down. I am not hurting you by saying it, but I am trying to tell you something that you forgot to think and analyse.

Once you agree to the fact that you are ready to receive the blows and are vulnerable to my words now, you continue reading the next. You will find an answer as to why are you facing such downs now and if in case you are a repeater, what sort of things made you fall to this trap and what could be the better corrective course of strategy. Hope these points will help.

  • At SSB, you were not vulnerable.

Being vulnerable means being ready to take blows. Someone who is free to destroy or have the chances to get destroyed is termed to be vulnerable. Now what happens is, if you don’t become vulnerable at SSB, you won’t gain proper knowledge of the process. Let us say someone has told you – “Dude, I think you have too much of anger.” The moment you hear this, all your defensive skills of brain get ignited. You will try to say and defend yourself as to why you are not angry or why becoming angry is necessary and what not (Another story!). Don’t even let such defensive thoughts run in your brain. But, very few of us will cross the extra step to ask – “May I know what made you feel like that?”.

The moment you cross this second level of thought, the moment you master yourself of asking and trying to seek the perception of the other person in any sort of conversation of your life, consider yourself that you have definite chances of being selected and recommended in SSB.

Being vulnerable is thus not destroying yourself or giving others a chance to hit you. Being vulnerable is a chance for you to explore the life of others. You need to know the true essence of living when you do it.

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  • You don’t know that you are doing the same mistake.

Most aspirants don’t even know that they are doing the same mistake again and again. Last time when one of my friends was at an SSB, he had this XYZ candidate who was not letting any person speak in the group during PPDT. He was constantly reiterating his own story and was forcing the other candidates to come to his story. After the task was over, my friend asked him that does he know how did it all went. And he said – “It was fabulous. I made everyone come to my story finally. I think I’m definitely in next round.” And you know what happens, he was rejected. What mistake he did can be clearly seen here. But what conclusion did you arrive here regarding that candidate? He was not correct, but he was ‘partially’ correct. The only mistake that he did was that he didn’t take time to know the complete process. And yes, half knowledge is far more dangerous than being mentally retarded. Try to assess back your days. Think what were common in all. Observe what could be the most potential mental and physical asset that is stopping you from getting what you want.

  • You don’t believe you can succeed.

Most aspirants don’t believe they can succeed. With the low levels of selection rates, they don’t show any enthusiasm. Let’s say there are two sorts of candidates: P and Q. Candidate ‘P’ thinks – “The selection rate is very less. The training is very tough. The life is challenging. But I must qualify this no matter what.” Now see what P is doing – he is sending negative signals unconsciously to his brain that he can’t succeed. In contrast, lets see what Q does. Q thinks “Imagine firing those big guns and n number of soldiers saluting you while you pass… Imagine how it feels when mom sees me having stars on my shoulder… exam is challenging but the life further is way more challenging… So, let’s do it!”. Now you just self-introspect who wins – P or Q. And you decide yourself, you want to a P or a Q? A ‘P’ will have to follow a queue to succeed, but a Q has no queue, it is itself a lion.

  • You need equipment.

I don’t have proper items to get fit. I don’t have proper books to study. I don’t have proper guidance to move forward… all are again stories. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you are scrolling this page, you might see the post to get enrolled in SSB Crack courses for motivation… you can do that if it is permissible to you. There are videos online. And regarding fitness, who said you can’t be fit without going to gym or having no tools? Open up your senses. You might be crying over the same problem again and again without trying to get a solution. 

  • You need motivation.

This is world’s most beautiful story you say when you really don’t want to work. I mean, what kind of motivation you want I can’t understand. If you have belly fat, what you should do? Run right? Then run. Simple. Don’t sit and make notes about a hundred methods to solve your problem. Implement a method first. Time is precious. It won’t wait for you or me. Don’t say “People don’t appreciate me… they don’t acknowledge me…” and all. Why should they acknowledge you? Are you doing ‘their’ work or are you doing ‘your’ work? And what will you do with that appreciation? Lay eggs? Okay, let’s say you need it. Now who told you that you can’t appreciate yourself? Have you ever given chance to ‘your’ brain and heart to speak? Everything that you are seeing outside is something that you are perceiving through your physical eyes. Once you stop seeing people and all the world as to how it needs you, you should start seeing how you need it. This will make a tremendous difference in your pathways.

  • You are in serious genuine problems.

I have seen many aspirants coming from rural backgrounds. They say – “I didn’t even study in English medium school. I can’t speak English,” etc. While some seriously meritorious students are dying hard with wit and bookish knowledge to crack SSB, there are equally seriously poor candidates who eat just one meal a day and still dream of serving the Forces. Being in the team of SSBCrack is itself an enough motivation to you. To all such hard-working guys out there, trust in this, if in this world, you are trying to become an officer, then you are alone destined to become one. You just need to make some new arrangements in your timetable and stick to it.  

  • You love the irregular.

Obviously, you love being the same. As a repeater of SSB, if you are the same as that in the latest SSB too, you didn’t change then. If you are irregular towards following the plans what you made for yourself, you are irregular in dealing with your life too. Even at this point of time you still are waiting for ‘some’ miracle to happen by ‘some’ person coming to you and teaching ‘some’ thing that will change your life, or are waiting for that ‘some’ time that will make you keep in track. Believe me, that “some” will never come. Just start now.

If you observe, I didn’t teach you what to do, how to do, where to do, when to do of cracking SSB. I know you know it. The only thing is you are not doing it.

I just used ‘some’ stories here so that you use less stories in your life to get succeeded in your dreams. If in case you succeed, share your “story” here please. I will be glad to know.

Hemanth Kasturi

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