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How To Recover From The AFCAT 2 2017 Exam Disappointment

AFCAT 2 2017 was conducted successfully on August 2017 across various AFCAT centres. Applicants who cleared the written test of AFCAT will be called for the AFSB interview, Only minority...

AFCAT 2 2017 was conducted successfully on August 2017 across various AFCAT centres. Applicants who cleared the written test of AFCAT will be called for the AFSB interview, Only minority of the applicants will made it to the clear list of AFCAT 2 2017 exam and generally majority falls in the rejected list. This failure may leads to sever disappointment. Here we are sharing few tips which can help disappointed candidates in recovering and gaining some confidence back.

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How to Recover from the AFCAT 2 2017 Exam Disappointment

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Follow these steps to bounce back

  1. Forgive yourself: In life, things do not always go to plan. You may taken on too much pressure and struggled to engage with your AFCAT exam preparation, or there may not even be a reason you can identify. Be mindful of the mark and how you feel about it. Notice your disappointment, then take a breath and let yourself off the hook. There is nothing wrong in trying again its the winners way.
  2. Put it in perspective: Remember that you have another chance to get through AFCAT exam so dont exert your self on the past and start with basic.
  3. Think positive: Often AFCAT aspirants place pressure on themselves to meet success. Over work sometimes can lead to disappointing mark. However, use this as an opportunity to show what you have learned and gained from that experience. Encourage your self for next challenge through positive thinking.
  4. Do a self analysis: Check and argue with reasons of failure it will give you an opportunity to review your performance for yourself. This may provide some clarity and closure.
  5. Seek feedback: If you notice a pattern of disappointing marks, it may be a good idea to seek further feedback. As this can be difficult after exams, consider avenues for feedback during your next AFCAT exam.
  6. Take Coaching: Generally candidates are ashamed of taking coaching for AFCAT exam because they think its in their potential area they can do it by them-self or how will they make time for the coaching beyond their daily curriculum etc. Well all we can say is make time and dont be ashamed, do what you haven’t done last time for next time.


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