SSB Interview Personal Interview Sample Questions

Personal Interview (PI) is a time tested method which surely judges the person in terms of knowledge, communication, confidence and many other qualities that are very specific to organisational roles for which the interviews are organised.

Key to Success in Personal Interview at SSB

SSB process has many interviews in different forms but one big interview would be with the officer who would be either the President or deputy President of the board. Such people are really senior and have a vast knowledge to judge people at different levels. Many OLQ’s are being judges but apart from that there are several other things that have impact in PI and if such things are taken care of, it could lead to wonders.

  • Intelligence, power of expression
  • Body language, gestures and eye moments
  • Planning and delegating
  • Social adjustment,
  • Dynamic workout
  • Courage, stamina, hard work and determination
  • Appropriate assessment of others
  • True behavior to the image portrayed on papers

SSB Interview Personal Interview Sample Questions


SSB Interview Personal Interview Sample Questions

Questions based on Educational Background

  • Which subject you don’t like and why
  • Achievements in the study
  • Tel specialty about your school and college
  • Which teacher you like most why
  • Which teacher you don’t like and why
  • Why you have chosen to study this branch
  • Whether you chosen the particular branch of study by self or by others compulsion (Parents)
  • Why there is some gap in studies between inter college and graduation.
  • How you improved the percentage from tenth to twelfth and what are steps you taken to achieve this.

Questions based on Family Background

  • How much you like your father and mother
  • How you are responsible person to your family
  • Say about your sister and brother
  • Whom you like most and why
  • With whom you play more
  • Which person other than in your family and friends you like more and why
  • What’s you father/mother rank in the working place and income they are getting
  • How they are utilizing their income and are you satisfied with that
  • If your family is totally dependent on you tomorrow, how you will help or run the family.

Questions based on Friends

  • Out of friends how many are close to you
  • In your friends to whom you share the personal things
  • What you like in your best friend and What he likes in you
  • What your friend or friends say about you
  • What you say about you and your friends.
  • Which thing you like in your close friend and why.

Questions based on Working People

  • What you say about your boss
  • What your boss say about you
  • Tel about your company or organization
  • Why you are leaving your previous job
  • What you like most in your job
  • What you don’t like in your job

Questions based on Hobbies

  • What are the things you have learn from your hobby
  • What are the new things you implemented in your hobby?
  • What’s your childhood hobby and what are you doing now
  • Why you change the child hood hobby to this(recent one)
  • They require vast knowledge in the hobby since everyone will have a hobby, but a candidate with good attitude will get information about their hobbies.
  • The different types of hobbies are music, singing, blogging, reading, philately, photography, trekking etc. Create questions based on your hobby and make responses for that to get thorough knowledge over that.

Questions based on Sports

  • Why you have chosen an outdoor game rather than an indoor game
  • Whom you like more in your team if we say cricket or foot ball etc
  • What is your position in the team i.e. as a team member or captain?
  • Depth of knowledge in the Games or sports. i.e. Questions from size of the play ground/court size and rules of the game and recent world records in the game etc
  • Which player you like most and why
  • What you want to improve or you suggestion for our team in the game/sports you play

Questions based on Extra-curricular activities

  • When you joined in N.C.C. /N.S.S. and why
  • What you achieved in that
  • Positions held in that
  • Grade of certificates got such as A,B,C etc
  • Who motivated to join in N.C.C


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