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40 SSB Interview Questions That You Will Face

The Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview is a crucial stage in the selection process for candidates aspiring to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces. This comprehensive evaluation assesses a...

The Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview is a crucial stage in the selection process for candidates aspiring to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces. This comprehensive evaluation assesses a candidate’s suitability for a career in the military, focusing on personality, intelligence, and compatibility with military life. To help you prepare for this challenging interview, we have compiled a list of 50 sure shot questions that you may encounter during your SSB Interview. Understanding these questions and formulating thoughtful answers will significantly boost your confidence and performance.

ssb interview questions

The Importance of PIQ Form

During the SSB Interview, you will be required to fill out a Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) form. This form contains essential information about your background, education, family, hobbies, and previous SSB attempts. The evaluators use this form to gain insights into your personality, experiences, and aspirations. Your responses in the PIQ form play a crucial role in shaping the interview questions and assessing your suitability for a career in the armed forces.

Sure Shot Questions from the PIQ Form

The following are 20 sure shot questions that are frequently asked based on the information provided in the PIQ form:

  1. Where are you coming from, and what stations did you pass through?
  2. Tell me about the city you are coming from and its significance.
  3. What is the meaning or origin of your name?
  4. Describe your family members, who you are closest to, and why.
  5. What are five positive and five negative aspects of your city?
  6. Explain any fall in your academic performance or decline in marks.
  7. If you were highly motivated to join the armed forces, why didn’t you choose the National Defence Academy (NDA)?
  8. If you were so motivated to join the forces, why didn’t you join as a soldier?
  9. If you have completed your graduation, why aren’t you currently employed?
  10. Why did you choose BSc/BCA over BTech?
  11. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and how does it impact your life?
  12. How do you manage and spend your pocket money?
  13. Which sports have you participated in, and what positions did you hold?
  14. What are your reasons for wanting to join the army?
  15. Why didn’t you join the National Cadet Corps (NCC) during your graduation?
  16. How do you typically spend your free time?
  17. What responsibilities have you shouldered in your life so far?
  18. How do you think you can contribute to the organization?
  19. Why did you have a drop year, and what did you do during that time?
  20. In what ways have you helped your family members?

Questions Related to Previous SSB Attempts

The interviewers may also inquire about your previous attempts at the SSB. Here are some common questions related to your past SSB experiences:

  1. Why didn’t you succeed in your first attempt?
  2. What were the reasons for being conference out or screen out in your last attempt?
  3. What was the batch number of your last SSB?
  4. Can you provide an overview of your previous SSB attempts?

Additional Important Questions

Apart from the PIQ-based questions, there are several other questions you should be prepared for during your SSB Interview. These questions cover a wide range of topics and aim to assess your personality, motivation, and problem-solving skills. Here are some additional important questions:

  1. How many best friends do you have, and why are they important to you?
  2. What qualities do you admire the most in your best friend? Is there anything you dislike about them?
  3. Whom do you confide in when it comes to sharing secrets – friends, parents, or siblings?
  4. Who is your role model, and how have they influenced your life?
  5. Describe your daily routine and how you manage your time effectively.
  6. Walk me through your weekend routine and how you relax and recharge.
  7. Who is your favorite teacher, and why do you hold them in high regard?
  8. Share a mischievous or humorous incident from your life.
  9. How did you prepare for the SSB Interview, and what strategies did you employ?
  10. How would you handle rejection if you do not succeed in this attempt?
  11. What are your greatest fears, and how do you overcome them?
  12. Tell me about the most embarrassing situation you have ever faced.
  13. What are your future plans, and how do you envision your career in the armed forces?
  14. Reflect on your previous SSB attempts and identify areas where you felt you lacked.
  15. Rate your performance in all the tasks conducted during the SSB, including the GTO (Group Testing Officer) and Psychological tests.

Tips to Tackle These Questions Effectively

Preparing for the SSB Interview can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you can excel in it. Here are some tips to help you tackle these questions effectively:

  1. Thoroughly prepare your responses to the questions beforehand. However, ensure that your answers are genuine and reflect your true personality.
  2. Be confident and assured in your responses. Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone throughout the interview.
  3. Stick to the question asked and avoid providing unnecessary or unrelated details.
  4. Keep your answers concise and to the point to maintain clarity and avoid confusion.
  5. Create a mind map of the questions and practice answering them in a logical sequence.
  6. Pay attention to your body language, maintain eye contact, and exhibit good posture.
  7. Practice active listening and engage in a meaningful conversation with the interviewer.
  8. Showcase your problem-solving skills, leadership qualities, and ability to work in a team.
  9. Be prepared to provide examples and anecdotes to support your answers.
  10. Emphasize your commitment to serving in the armed forces and your passion for the profession.


The SSB Interview is a rigorous evaluation process that requires thorough preparation and a deep understanding of the interview questions. By familiarizing yourself with the sure shot questions from the PIQ form and practicing your responses, you can significantly improve your chances of success. Remember to stay confident, genuine, and true to yourself throughout the interview. With dedication and the right mindset, you can embark on your journey towards a successful career in the Indian Armed Forces. Good luck!

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