SSB OIR Test Tips and Sample Questions

On day 1 of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, two rounds are conducted under this – first OIR test and second is PPDT (picture perception and description test). Merit is created on the basis of candidate’s performance in both the tests. We can say that the first test conducted in SSB interview is Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR test is a written exam consisting of 54-55 questions consisting simple linguistic, logical, analytical, and mathematical questions to test the common sense of the candidates.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test Syllabus

Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of two sections Verbal and Non-verbal:

Verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of questions based on topics such as: Relationship, Jumbled words, Coding/Decoding, Multiple choice question,  Antonym and synonym, reconstruction of sentence, one word substitution, Odd one out, common sense and alphabet test, Arithmetic questions.

Non-verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consist of questions based on topics such as: Which figure is different from the other, Completion of series, Locate the concealed figure, Fill in the correct figure.

Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test Coaching

SSB OIR Test Tips and Sample Questions

SSB OIR Test Tips and Sample Questions

In this article we will discuss SSB OIR Test Tips and Sample Questions. Candidates have to atleast clear this exam with minimum cut off marks no matter how well his/her PPDT has gone to clear day 1 screening test.

SSB OIR Test Tips

  1. Self Practice: There are no shortcuts when it comes to Officer Intelligence Rating test preparation, candidate has to go through the syllabus and pick the topics one by one and start preparing for it, more a candidate practice on the topics the better his/her performance will be. The questions asked in Officer Intelligence Rating Test are very basic and can be mastered with a little bit of daily self practice.
  2. SSBCracK Exams OIR Online Coaching: SSBCrack has started an online program named SSBCrack Exams which provides online practice test series on OIR Officer Intelligence Rating test, aspirants can enroll themselves in this program to prepare well in advance and improve their chances to clear SSB interview. To enroll Click Here,SSBCracK Exams Offer OIR enrolled students:
    • OIR online full course and study material
    • Practice test based on OIR test conducted by SSB.
    • Scheduled national level mock test where you compete with other aspirants further you will be given high end analysis and reports on your performance which will help you in improving your falling areas
    • Monthly general knowledge questions, current affair and all the possible SSB related news.
  3. Preapare from Books: Many publishers are available whic provides SSB interview related books or especial books for OIR test preprattion are also available. Say for example: A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal can be used to prepare for OIR test.
  4. Group Activity: Now a days its possible through internet to find or form a group of people with common interest. You can also do something like that using social network or other medium and share knowledge with fellow “SSBians”.
  5. Understand types of verbal and nonverbal tests: These tests checks you’re logical and intelligence ability and what it requires, is your inborn intelligence and keen observance to solve the question and once you understand the logic of question it is a very soft cake for you to eat. Here, I have enumerated the types of Verbal intelligence tests:
  • Analogy
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Jumbled words
  • Jumbled sentences and proverbs
  • Reverse order
  • Speed , direction, distance based problems
  • Blood Relations

SSB OIR Test Sample Questions

By how many degrees a minute hand rotates in 45 minutes

  • 90o
  • 180o
  • 270o
  • 45o

Absurd Statements and Statement Justification – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instructions: A statement has been provided in the question; choose from the option if the statement

Q. Milky Way is galaxy from which we get milk when it rains

  • True
  • False
  • Probable
  • Absurd

Similar Cubes – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instructions: Find if the following cubes are similar or not, choose yes or no from the option


Officer Intelligence Rating Test


(a) Yes

(b) No

Cube Sets – Officer Intelligence Rating Test


Officer Intelligence Rating Test

  • Cube A
  • Cube B
  • Cube C
  • None of the above

Last Digit – Officer Intelligence Rating 

Q. Write the last digit of the smallest number from the following given

467922, 468910, 461093, 497252


Series Completion – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instruction: Choose the correct alternative and complete the given series

Q. 1, 3, 5, 7, ___

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

Coding and Decoding – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

  1. If in a certain language, DELHI is coded as EFMIJ, how is BOMBAY coded in that code ?

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