SSC Tech 55 and SSC Tech 26 Women SSB Dates

Check SSC Tech 55 and SSC Tech Women 26 SSB Dates: The Indian army has started rolling out the SSB interview dates for SSC-55 tech entry and SSC-26 tech women entry. Some of the male candidates who have cleared the SSC tech 57 cut off marks are getting the email notification to select their SSB interview dates. SSB dates for SSC 26 women will be rolled out soon. Candidates who have applied for SSC tech 55 and SSC tech 26 women entry can log in into the portal to check if they are shortlisted or not. Below are some details about the SSC Tech 55 and 26 SSB Interview Dates.

SSC Tech 55 and SSCW Tech 26 SSB Dates

  • Login to join indian army website with the same login you created while applying the SSC tech
  • Click on Select SSB interview date
  • Click on the respective entry, SSC tech 55, 26 in this case.
  • Choose an SSB interview date.
  • In case the batch is full, look for a different date.
  • Once the date is selected, it will reflect on the list in front of your name.

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