Story Of Brave Major Aditya Kumar Garhwal Rifles

Ever since deployment in Jammu and Kashmir, Major Aditya Kumar has been involved in establishing a highly effective intelligence network and cultivation of sources for obtaining real time intelligence. In November 2017, on receipt of information about presence of four terrorists in a village, the officer displayed high degree of professional acumen in galvanizing his team into action. Using his thorough knowledge of the terrain, he established an initial cordon without loss of surprise. This initial action helped localise the terrorists move and restricted them to the target house.

During the ensuing gunfight, the officer coordinated firing of all weapons on the house to create a breach thereby injuring the terrorists inside. With utter disregard to his personal safety he moved closer to one such breach and brought down accurate fire on one of the foreign terrorists, neutralizing him from close quarters. The officer displayed raw courage and excellent presence of mind in moving close to another terrorist firing from window of the house and neutralizing him. Major Aditya Kumar displayed meticulous planning and gallant action during the operation against terrorists.

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