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Suman Kumari: Breaking Barriers as BSF’s First Woman Sniper

In an unprecedented milestone for the Border Security Force (BSF), Suman Kumari has etched her name in history as its first woman sniper. Her journey to this achievement unfolded at...

In an unprecedented milestone for the Border Security Force (BSF), Suman Kumari has etched her name in history as its first woman sniper. Her journey to this achievement unfolded at the Central School of Weapons and Tactics (CSWT) in Indore, where she underwent an intensive eight-week sniper course.

Suman Kumari

Suman’s dedication and prowess have not only broken the glass ceiling in a traditionally male-dominated sphere but have also set a new benchmark for aspiring women in the defense sector. This article explores the remarkable path of Suman Kumari, shedding light on her motivations, challenges, and the inspirational impact of her trailblazing accomplishment.

Early Life and Joining the BSF

Originating from Mandi, a modest district in Himachal Pradesh, Suman comes from a simple background, with her father working as an electrician and her mother as a homemaker. In 2021, with a strong zeal to serve her country, she joined the BSF, unaware of the pioneering journey ahead of her.

Suman Kumari Sniper

The Motivation Behind Becoming a Sniper

While leading a platoon in Punjab, Suman encountered the looming threat of sniper attacks from across the border. This experience ignited a strong resolve within her to combat this peril. Her determination led her to volunteer for the BSF sniper course, and after conveying her commitment to her superiors, she was given the green light to participate.

The Rigorous Sniper Training

The sniper course at CSWT is notorious for its demanding nature, encompassing both physical and mental challenges aimed at honing skills like marksmanship, camouflage, and concentration. Amidst 56 male trainees, Suman stood out as the sole woman, embarking on a grueling journey to master the art of sniping.

Suman Kumari’s Outstanding Performance

Throughout her training, Suman exhibited exceptional skill and determination. Her ability to consistently excel and demonstrate leadership earned her high praise from her instructors. Her perseverance and eagerness to learn distinguished her from her peers, showcasing her unique capabilities and strength.

Achieving ‘Instructor Grade’

Suman’s exceptional performance culminated in her achieving the ‘instructor grade’, a prestigious recognition for trainees who demonstrate superior skills and knowledge. This achievement not only underscores her expertise but also paves the way for her future role as a sniper instructor.

Inspirational Impact and Future Prospects

Suman Kumari’s historic feat as the BSF’s first woman sniper has made a profound impact, serving as a beacon of inspiration for women aiming to join the defense forces. Her journey exemplifies what can be achieved through determination, perseverance, and a commitment to serving the nation.


Suman Kumari’s transition from a small town in Himachal Pradesh to becoming the first woman sniper in the BSF is a testament to her extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication. Her achievement is a significant step toward greater inclusion and diversity within the defense forces, inspiring women to pursue their dreams and contribute to national security. The BSF’s commitment to gender equality and recognizing talent highlights the progressive strides being made in fostering an inclusive environment where individuals are encouraged to excel regardless of gender.

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