11 Things Close To Every Fauji

Fauji’s are a different species; they have a hugely different trait and personality from the normal people. When God made humans, he immediately divided the homo-sapiens into two subcategories, fauji’s and civilians. Here we are going to see the most common 11traits or things which every Fauji possesses (if not every then too 90% of them).

1. Aviators: Oh my god, this has become such a cliché. The aspiring candidates also now-a-days say that they’ll buy aviators the first thing when they get into Fauj. Those ray bans are like a trade mark now for every Fauji.

11 Things Common To Every Fauji

2. Crew Cut: Minus the lady officers, almost every officer has a crew cut. Though they look extremely attractive in their crew cut (and add ray bans too). It is like the pehchaan of a military officer, especially the young ones. So the next time you spot somebody with a crew cut, be almost sure that he’s a Fauji.

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3. Different Vocabulary: For them it’s A for Alpha, B for Bravo, instead of Apple and Ball and then come Charlie, Delta…India, Kilo etc. If you hear somebody speaking like this, definitely they are close knit to fauji’s. They also use a few words too often, like granted, and brutally honest.

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4. And Different bad words: Unlike the bad words used by civilians (of course I can’t write it here!), they have an entirely different dictionary of bad words. If you know a Fauji (Specially those from NDA), you can guess the common bad words they use. The most common, and least harmful (the only one I can write here) is ‘bloody’.

5. Awesomeness has different measures: While normal people say compliments like too good, or awesome for something worth appreciating, fauji’s have a different terminology for that too. For instance a very good looking girl is demo-type and if India is really playing well against Pakistan, then they are playing josh-type.

6. And the punishments too: They use words like ragda, maharaja and putti-parade, none of them have a literal meaning, and to discover the real meaning of these words, you need to meet Fauji. So much for secrecy in the forces you know!

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7. Goa: The recent hot destination for the young fauji’s has become Goa. They love to Go Goa, especially after the Young Officer’s Course, or Commando Course. Some have made Goa as a temple, and they have to visit it every year, atleast once, without fail.

8. Immense appetite for liquor: They can gulp down as many pegs as possible and you’ll never guess that they are drunk. Its not easy you know, takes a lot of practice and experience, but trust me fauji’s are the most sober people even after ‘n’ drinks down.

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9. Enfield/Harley: It should be declared as the national ride for fauji’s. Earlier it was Enfield and now they are gradually moving to Harley. No matter where the Fauji is posted, he’ll have the dream of buying a bike as soon as he gets commissioned. This is especially for Army, where they put the cool insignia of Indian Army at the number plate. Josh type!

indian army bullet

10. The places they visit, and the road trips: By default, being in the forces means that you get a chance to know and visit places in India, which are unheard by the civilians. The fauji’s have a high affinity of visiting different places on their bikes/cars. They love road trips like anything!

indian army road trip

11. The man they Dread Most: For any Fauji, CO or Commanding Officer is the man they dread the most. A friend of mine, an Army man, has issues in getting up in the morning, but as soon as his buddy says that the CO is about to arrive, he’ll jump out of the bed!

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