Tips to Perform Well In UES University Entry Scheme

Candidate’s of age between 19 years and maximum 24 years pursuing their pre-final year Btech can apply for University Entry Scheme held by Indian Army and Indian Navy every year. UES entry is the most coveted entry seeks after by the defence aspirants because of its multiple advantages that it offers to the person who gets selected through this entry.

Tips to Perform Well In UES University Entry SchemeTips to Perform Well In UES University Entry Scheme

Navy and army approves candidates of pre final year through college rounds where the teams of the defence forces visits various selected campuses to select youth and send them directly to the SSB. Each level the aspirant is judged on numerous parameters through various rounds but the most important parameter to judge is the psychology of the aspirant. The college team conducts GD/ PI depending on the number of applicants and apart from judging on the various parameters and basic etiquettes of these rounds the psychology of the candidate is judged. The following pointers can be helpful in preparation:

  • Prepare for GD thoroughly and pick up the latest topics. Prepare them well. Also few topics that are related to social evils can also help aspirants as they are most sought after by the college team of forces.
  • How to do well in GD can be looked in my previous article for the same. Also try not to dominate, just try to put forth your ideas and views on the topics and what suggestion you can offer for the improvement as a responsible youth for the country.
  • Always quote examples that could be relate to the topics which always attract attention of the examiners and tells them that you prefer being in touch with the latest happenings and also reveals you capability to link up things.
  • Follow the instructions given by the examiner as they can immediately stop discussion and ask to summarise or conclude from any individual so don’t feel left out be with the group so that even if you don’t get chance, you can show up your talent.
  • PI has a simple funda that you have to reveal your personal qualities to the maximum and should never be fake at any step. Remember it’s better to say than to cook up false stories and get negative marks.
  • Do take up mocks and prepare thoroughly before attempting any of the college rounds. Try to look for a person who can mentor you individually motivating you for the final stint of SSB. Working in large groups might not help gaining confidence in psychology rounds.
  • SSB is not an easy game to play where hit and trial works. No, here you are judged rigorously at every point so don’t go there with a hope of trial and looking the world .always appear when you are satisfied with your preparation.


How to Apply for  Indian Navy University Entry Scheme

For filling up application online visit our website and proceed as follows:-

  1. Click on the ‘Officer Entry’ button under the option ‘Apply Online’ on the Home page.
  2. Fill the online registration form. Tips to assist in filling up fields have been provided as you highlight each field.
  3. Before Clicking the Submit button it should be checked whether all the details entered in the form are correct as you will not be able to make any correction after saving the record.
  4. After submitting the form, an ‘Application Number’ will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen. This Application Number will automatically appear on the printout of the form. If the system does not generate the Application Number, it is an indication of non-acceptance of Application by the system.
  5. Print a copy of this Application Form having the system generated Application Number. The copy of this application form is to be submitted to the Campus Selection Team of Indian Navy at the time of campus interview.
  6. Obtain signature of the Principal of College/University on the declaration given at the end of the application

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