13 Top Qualities That Are Checked In SSB Interview

If you are going for the SSB interview, you must be wondering what qualities you must possess to clear the SSB interview, yes we all know that the SSB interview is all about Officers Like Qualities (OLQs) but there are other basic qualities and traits one must focus on as the OLQs come naturally if you possess them. Here are a few qualities and traits one must keep in mind at SSB.

No selection process can ensure a substantial, guaranteed end-product. The period of the examination will invariably be short and it will sometimes provide only a snapshot of the candidate’s potential. However, past history, and the candidate’s record of development, will also be a very useful initial guide. Aptitude testing can give notice of the candidate’s suitability for an aptitude-dependant branch and then further assessment, by interview and additional exercises will help to ascertain the candidate’s overall profile. At the interview, the close examination should reveal the following qualities and traits:

a. Appearance and Bearing. The candidate’s appearance, bearing, grooming, distinguishing features and general presentation should be readily apparent within the first impressions formed at interview.

b. Manner and Impact. The candidate’s conduct throughout the interview, along with his courtesy, tact, confidence, force of personality, presence, poise, polish, humour and alertness will add to the overall impact.

c. Speech and Powers of Expression. Dialogue with the candidate will elicit his ability to communicate. The quality of grammar, vocabulary, diction, general fluency, logic, projection and animation will all indicate the overall effectiveness of expression.

d. Activities and Interests. The well-rounded candidate should have had a varied, interesting and fulfilling lifestyle. Whilst it is important to bear in mind the individual’s background (that is, general opportunities and financial limitations) the range and extent of spare-time activities are important to indicate signs of commitment, depth of involvement, achievement, level of responsibility, spirit of adventure, determination, initiative, enterprise and self-reliance within an overall balance of interests and pursuits.

e. Academic Level and Potential. Whilst minimum levels of academic qualifications will be set, the manner and east of obtaining qualifications, together with the level of commitment, diligence and attitude towards study will all give indications of the individual’s further academic potential.

f. Breadth and Depth of Outlook. The candidate’s general awareness of military matters and current affairs should confirm a maturity of outlook and a general ability to reason, giving also some indications of general intellect.

g. Motivation. The candidate’s determination towards his military goals should be ascertained. Sometimes the motivation will have previous substantiation. It will be important to ascertain that the candidate is clear about, and would relish, the commitment and dedication demanded of the officer corps.

These qualities are said to be carrying equal weightage in the selection and are spelled out to be equal in the Indian context. This is not true. With experience in Armed Forces, it is a well-known fact that courage, co-operation, and a Sense of Responsibility coupled with Reasoning Ability and Social Adjustment are the most important factors in war, hence, must carry more weightage than the other qualities. War diaries of units are testimony to these issues.

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