Top Ten Tips for SSB Interview

Job interviews are particularly tense, especially if the interview is for a dream which you have been building from a long long time. SSB is one such interview process. Since Armed Forces are one of the hottest career option amongst the youth of India so SSB Interviews have a lot of hopes, expectations and heart breaks associated with them. Armed forces have such a charm that we want to crack SSB and be a part of this dignifies and glorified family on all costs. While some of us join the coaching’s, rest of us spend day and night thinking and researching about how to pass this exam i.e. SSB of course.

Top Ten Tips for SSB InterviewTop Ten Tips for SSB Interview

  1. Know yourself: Identify the real you, find out your own strengths and weakness, likes, dislikes, positive and negative points about yourself and what are you doing to turn the negatives into the positives. This process will need a real thought and good amount of time with a fair thought process.
  2. Brush up your knowledge: Be it about the current affairs or about your own subject (especially technical entries) brush up your knowledge about the world around you. This will include being updated on your family member’s jobs, positives, negatives as well.
  3. Find the reason why you want to join: The reasons must be real, valid and true. Don’t borrow others reasons. Give the honest and real answer when asked about why you want to come to the forces.
  4. Bring the changes deep down: Merely faking a good personality won’t bag you anything. Cultivate the officer like qualities from within; adapt them naturally in you instead of wearing them over. This will help you throughout your life whether you come to the forces or any job you land in.
  5. Heartbreaks are a strict no-no: Getting disheartened on your previous failures will only bring bad memories, learn from previous failed attempts at SSB. When you are not recommended it shouldn’t break your heart, everybody is good at something, try again and learn from previous experience. Girte hain shehsawar hi maidaane jung mein!
  6. Improve your communication skills: Communication skills help you a lot in SSB. Develop them by communicating and mixing within family and society.
  7. Be yourself: Mold your personality such that you have the OLQ’s inbuilt and cultivated, like adapting good habits of exercising and having a positive though process, so you don’t have to fake out anything in SSB. Be genuine in SSB and speak the truth.
  8. Difference between confidence and overconfidence: A lot of us are not able to judge the thin line between confidence and overconfidence. While it is important to be confident in SSB, because it’ll give you a strong personality, being over confident is uncalled for. You appear a boaster and rude when you are overconfident.
  9. Build strong but polite opinions: When you are asked about what’s going on in the world or about any social problem in GD or Interview, they are not interested in facts and figures, they really want your opinion backed up by facts. So have strong and firm opinions, but be polite enough to present them.
  10. Never say die: This is a quality of a real soldier, whenever you are struck in anything be it GT, Interview or anything else, never give up, keep trying and trying. Your will to fight matters more than win!

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