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5 Ways To Emerge From the Shadows of Failure

It is very easy to say “try try till you succeed”, but it is equally difficult to actually do it. I have personally met many SSB aspirants who just couldn’t...

5 Ways To Emerge From the Shadows of Failur

It is very easy to say “try try till you succeed”, but it is equally difficult to actually do it. I have personally met many SSB aspirants who just couldn’t take it anymore. Well, may be they were not suitable for the defence forces or they just bluntly gave up. Yes my dear friends, this article is specially for those who gave up despite having few more chances up their sleeves.You were so optimistic at your start, you thought you are the perfect officer material but as the day went on, the optimism gradually transmogrified into pessimism and you eventually went in to inordinate darkness.Now let us understand why does this happen? What are the ways to overcome it. 

  1. CHECK YOUR MOTIVATION:- How motivated are you towards donning the coveted uniform. Over a period of time, your motivation levels suffered a great diminution. Probably this was the reason you gave up. 
  2. WHY DO WANT TO JOIN THE FORCES:- Was it just another dabbling attempt or you really wish to serve the nation. We all have different reasons for joining the forces, if that reason is strong enough you shouldn’t be quitting any soon.
  3. HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF:- Do you have enough faith in your abilities. Do you see yourself as a winner or as a dilettante. An officer never thinks lowly  of himself, he is filled with high spirits all the time. 
  4. HAVE YOU GOT AFFECTED BY THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS:- Your friends, peers, family members, all have started pulling your leg. You have become a butt of jokes. This is why you have lost hope and surrendered. If this is the case, you have all the more reason to prove your detractors wrong.
  5. IT IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA:- Probably the officer who gave the closing address was right. You are not suitable for the defence services. Suddenly you start thinking about Shah Rukh Khan, Abdul Kalam and Rahul Dravid. They made a great career in their fields but were not suitable for the forces. These are just soothing words, a religious defence enthusiast will never get flustered by these euphemistic words, rather will go back, make amends and come back. 

Yes, there is no denial of the fact that each one of us has different abilities and it is just about identifying them. However, if you are crossing individual obstacles even in your dreams, then you are a veritable defence aspirant. Therefore, it all boils down to your determination towards achieving your goal.

Listen to the voice of your heart and take a final call. Whether to continue or to abscond midway. I am sure most of you will continue. We will be throwing up some more light towards this topic in our upcoming articles, all you have to do is to stay tuned to SSBCrackExams. JAI HIND

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