CDS 2 2017 Exam Online Coaching

CDS Exam which is also know as Combined Defence Services Exam, is one of the famous written test among defence aspirants, through CDS exam one can join Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. With time the competition level of CDS exam is increasing, more and more aspirants are coming forward to join Defence. One must be prepared for CDS exam written test because the cut off marks are increasing with every CDS exam.

We understand the problems faced by an average defence aspirants while preparing for a exam like CDS. For the first time, SSBCrack is launching its own test preparation platform to help defence aspirants with their CDS exam preparation. We have launched a special CDS exam online preparation package for aspirants, one can enroll for it and kick start his or her preparation.

CDS 2 2017 Exam Online Coaching



If you are planning to attempt Combined Defense Services (CDS) Exam and confused about how to prepare or not satisfied with your present way of preparation. To solve your problem Ssbcrack has came up with a first and only online program named SSBcrack Exams   providing the best online CDS Exam coaching for CDS written exams.

SSBcrack Exam offering to CDS aspirants :

  • CDS Exam Full Online Course
  • CDS Exam Practice Tests02
  • CDS Exams based National Level Mock Tests

  • High end Reports and Analysis on student performancea1
  • Expected important questions for upcoming CDS Exams along with monthly GK and Current affair updates .

To enroll in SSBcrack Exams, first a student have to register. There are two ways a student can register:

  1.  Student can register through our website by providing – Username, Email id and Password. ToRegister click here
  2. Student can register with his Facebook id and password. To Register click here

Once the student is registered he\she can select his\her respective subject in SSbcrack Exams website. SSBcrack Exams has provided two types of CDS exams packages:

  1. CDS Exam coaching for OTA. Take this Course
  2. CDS Exam coaching for IMA AFA NA. Take this Course


  • Blaster Patel

    Can we get only written material or some videos material from this coaching?

  • Astha singh

    Question paper and all test series are free of cost ?and any lectures will be available for maths and other subject

  • Durgesh manglav

    Your online course for IMA is for how many months???


    Is this online coaching free of paid? Please sent me the detail. thanks.

  • Shivanand

    How can I get monthly current affair material without enrolling for the coaching. Is there any fees , then how much?

  • sagar

    Is this online coaching free of paid? I have to know more about this course. Please reply.

  • sagar

    Is this online coaching free of paid?