5 Reasons Why Repeaters Have It Tough To Crack SSB Interview

90% of the candidates who got recommended in the SSB were repeaters and out of that almost 60% were giving their second attempt. One thing which they all have common weather successful or still struggling is that they all were not that prepared for their first attempt. While the tests remain the same the difficulty level of a repeater candidate is higher because of following reasons:

5 Reasons Why Repeaters Have It Tough To Crack SSB Interview

  1. Familiarity. Repeaters having seen the process once or more times have through familiarity with the tests.
  2. Better Prepared.  Being a repeater, they are better prepared than the fresher. They put focused hard work and prepare. Many even go for coaching or get guided by others.
  3. Higher Motivation. Repeaters having worked hard, have higher motivation to get selected. They are passionate people who want to make it and thus struggle to get through.
  4. Intense Competition.  Since it is a do or die situation for them and all having prepared well the competition in the repeaters batch is much intense.
  5. Inferiority Being hauled up against the same faces along with the new one can rigorously hurt aspirants ego. Inferiority is a great reason to fail.

Basic Tips For Repeaters to Crack the SSB Interview

  1. Be Confident: I know every other person must be saying this, but this is the thing. Confidence is the most essential part of a successful personality, so take some big bites of confidence before entering the SSB now.
  2. Trust yourself: If you’ll not trust yourself then nobody will. Many of us face pressure from family after being unsuccessful in few attempts; don’t lose the trust in yourself. Keep on reminding yourself what you want to do, read success stories of aspirants who have made in their 10th, 12th attempts and think if they would have given up in the first few attempts they might have never cleared it. Success is might be delayed but it never happens that it doesn’t arrives at all.
  3. Review: Review your mistakes. Write down all your responses on a notebook. Begin from the beginning, write what all response you gave for psych tests, write the words/situations if you remember any of the picture write its description, write your answers and take expert advice on them. Write the questions you faced in your interview/conference and what answers you gave. In short recreate the whole SSB procedure.
  4. Analyze: Analyze your responses. Think about what went wrong in them. Avoid idealistic responses. Think about practical solutions. Note down in points all your analysis; you can even take experts’ advice in your solutions.
  5. Make corrections: Now after you have made out what mistake you did, and then make necessary corrections in your responses.  Find out the field in which you think you lacked in your previous SSB’s and work on it.
  6. The positives and the negatives: Find out your positive points and polish them more, find your negative ones and work on them to make them positive. Some of you might be lacking in public speaking, some might be lacking in interview so take corrective measures and work on your weaknesses.
  7. Dealing with your group: It happens that repeaters group contains people who are in a do or die situation, all want to crack it this time and all are experienced, hence the GT series where you have to work as a group becomes very tough. You just have to maintain you cool and be very balanced while the GT series. Don’t be involved in excessive shouting or bullying others. Remain nice, the GTO knows everything, you’ll cast a good impression by remaining polite and nice and not by dominating others. Make your points strongly but nicely.

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