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6 Tips To Speak English Fluently in SSB Interview

While most of the candidates for SSB Interview wonder if speaking in English in the Interview is mandatory or not, well, it is not. But the candidates who speak in...

While most of the candidates for SSB Interview wonder if speaking in English in the Interview is mandatory or not, well, it is not. But the candidates who speak in good and fluent English are always given better priviledges than the ones who do not.

Therefore, you don’t need to miss out the chance of getting selected over others and though it is quite difficult at first to get a knack on speaking a foreign language like English correctly and lucidly, it is not impossible and nor is it scary. To speak English like a pro in the Personal Interview part of SSB, follow these following tips, given below, and get prepared to impress your interviewer/s.

Tip 1 : Follow the 4 P’s

  • Predict Interview Questions
  • Prepare information to include in the answer
  • Practice answers to communicate effectively in English by exploring grammar patterns and structures, appropriate terminology, and pronunciation
  • Polish up on interview etiquette

Tip 2 : Get a Command over Parts of Speech & Tenses

These are the basic building blocks for a non-native speaker. If you achieve ease while making correct sentences, your confidence will soar to heights. Try to use simple present tense and past tense while framing sentences. Always try to keep them simple and understandable. Use the Simple Past Tense for your past experience & qualifications. For e.g., “I graduated from high school back in 2018.” or “I received an excellence award when I finished my college”. Use the Present Continuous Tense to describe whatever you are doing currently. For e.g., “I’m looking after a sales team of four people.” or “I am currently looking forward to join the country’s and the world’s most efficient forces”. Present Continuous can also be used to describe arranged future plans So to avoid switching between different tenses during the interview, minimize the number of tenses you are using.

Tip 3 : Read & Listen

Listen to English news on TV . Admire and try to emulate the anchor. The best, fastest and the not so boring way would be to go about reading interviews (Be it of the sportsmen, celebrities or politicians). This is a win-win for you in a way it helps you prepare for interviews as well as figure out how (what sort of sentences they use) people respond when in a particular situation. Watch English movies. Read articles in English newspapers. You can also read good motivational books in English or good English story books and novels too, if you enjoy reading. Watch ted talks and similar podcasts and tv shows to acquire good stock of words and the knowledge of using them correctly in particular sentences and in particular context.

Tip 4 : Follow the ‘Golden Rule’

The golden rule to speak fluently in English in SSB Personal Interview is to speak in English. Start conversing with your family members and friends in English only. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone does. Just don’t give up. Also remember that speaking fluent English does not mean speaking English fast. Slow your speed and maintain a steady pace while speaking. Speaking too fast will not help you to think calmly and can thereby create a mess. Use simple sentences. Don’t rush, take you time while speaking.

Tip 5 : Practice

Practice speaking English with a friend or sibling. Tell him or her to correct you wherever necessary. Write down short speeches, memorize them and practice speaking them loud to your friend or to yourself in the mirror. Record your speech and listen to your recording to check yourself where you need to improve and work on.

Tip 6 : Be Confident

The most important thing to attend the SSB Interview is to be confident, how you are presenting matters the most and whether you know or don’t know any answer try not to get nervous. Speak confidently and relevantly. Do mock interviews and try to speak as normally and as lucidly as possible, even if you have memorized the answer of the probable Interview questions. Try to exhibit confidence in your voice and body language. Keep a smiling face always. Use fillers like Well, Certainly, I mean/What I mean is, That is (to say), As a matter of fact, Actually, To be honest, Quite frankly, In other words, etc. whenever you feel at a loss for words or while you are thinking what to answer.

Follow these above mentioned 6 tips for preparing and speaking fluently in English in SSB Personal Interview. But remember to relax and consider it as just an interview, and nothing more. Work hard and have faith on yourself. Jai Hind!

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