8 Must Avoid Mistakes During SSB Interview 2017

Those who wish to join the defense services as Commissioned Officers have to clear SSB, compulsorily. Understandably, the pressure is monumental and stress levels are soaring. However, candidates are more prone to commit several silly mistakes and totally avoidable errors. In this particular article, we would like to point out certain common and avoidable mistakes which the candidates commit when they go for the SSB interview.

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8 Must Avoid Mistakes During SSB Interview 2017

  • Reporting Late: – Though trains get delayed more often than not. The onus of appearing at the correct time and venue lies with the candidate. Plan your journey assiduously. I have seen people so dogged that they book a room in the city two days earlier in order to get acclimatized to the environment and report at the right time. So, if you have come to become an officer in the armed forces, don’t give excuses rather take responsibility for your actions.
  • Not Bringing the Required Things: – I have seen people forgetting their passport sized photograph, important documents and ending up packing their bags. These things are simply unacceptable and inexcusable.
  • Throwing King Like Tantrums: – Those people at the selection boards cater to hundreds of candidates every day. To top it all, you demand king like privileges from them. I have seen people griping about silly issues like not getting to eat enough sweet, T.V not working etc. You are there to get selected as an officer in the feted defense forces of India. This kind of behaviour will only lead to your detriment.
  • Aberrant Behaviour towards Staff and Fellow Mates: – You might be a big hoodlum in your area. Your entire Munna Bhai type attitude will be whipped off once it comes to the notice of the administration. Being a Leader is one thing and being a bully is another. Behave yourself at the SSB. You have to put your ego aside and work towards your goal if you seriously mean to achieve it.
  • Inappropriate Disposition: – Those earrings, long manes, Garish tattoos might fetch you some respect in your college, but these are the Indian Armed Forces dude. You ought to be properly shaven, immaculately dressed before appearing in front of the assessors.
  • Getting Carried Away By the Beauty: – It is indeed true that the cleanliness and palatable environment which you get in the defense establishments is unparalleled, but this doesn’t mean that you start loitering around where ever you please.
  • Getting Swayed Away by Emotions: –No doubt about the fact that you miss your friends, family during your stay at the selection centre. However, it is important to keep the mission in mind. You have come to nail it. Your friends, family, loved ones can wait, your mission cannot. Therefore, think pragmatically before you make any move.
  • Getting Tensed or over excited: – History has it, biggest of battles have been won using balanced and sorted mindset. Therefore, this may be the moment you had been waiting for years but you cannot afford to lose your focus and run away with the moment. There is no rocket science involved in the SSB procedure. Go with a positive cum undeterred outlook and the results will come running towards you!! 

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