8 Years 23 SSB Interviews Cleared In Last Attempt

Hi friends, this is Prasanth Kumar Pamu proud son of a soldier ex-Petty Officer of Indian Navy. Friends my 8 years of journey with 23 loved failures and 1 big success story will help you to earn stars on your shoulder. I would like to thank my almighty god and 3 important people in my life other than my friends or family.

I would like to thank my mom for all the things which she kept in front of me. Even I sometimes I told my life won’t be that easy in forces will you be fine mom! Then my mother said I am first a wife of a soldier then a mother you don’t worry about me I know how I lead my life alone with 2 sons when your father went on sailing. These words which always and every time motivates me by saying “YES I HAVE IT IN ME”.

I belong to a middle class family who hail from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I started my journey of SSB in the year 2008 got 2 conf out and with a few screen outs. But I always strived hard to earn the stars. I think that never give up attitude which I kept on my mind helped me to achieve my AIM to wear the uniform is getting fulfilled. I still remember the day when I got screen out from Allahabad and don’t have reservation to travel to my native, but I travelled in a train without reservation along with 2 more candidates whom I met at Allahabad, since we don’t have reservation to travel paid the fine to TT and travelled in sleeper class but the train was completely filled no space to move from one place to another, so we decided to sit near bathroom and I and one more guy sat on the waste water coming out from toilets but we didn’t got upset because we need to travel almost 40 hours. Somehow we managed and reached our destinations. Here one thing what I understood is I failed in SSB but the life which taught me a lesson in this 40 hours is that patience which I never had and yes this is quality which an officer needed started working on this quality sorry my beautiful and loved quality. Friends like this you may have experienced so many journeys where life has taught you so many lessons bring out all of them and start analyzing no one can stop you to earn stars on your shoulders and respect in your parent’s eyes.

I got recommended for Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Assistant Commandant for GD branch. Here is my SSB experience.

Unlike SSB ICG has its own way of selection which will have 3 main phases

  1. Preliminary Selection Board (PSB)
  2. Final Selection Board (FSB)
  3. Medical Examination

In PSB you will have OIR exam and PPDT both are elimination rounds if you clear both you will be called for FSB which is conducted in NOIDA, UP. PSB is conducted in 4 different places Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Noida you can opt any one among them. I did well in my OIR and cleared OIR and thereafter candidates who cleared OIR test undergone PDDT test same as what we see in SSB.

Tip: try to utilize 30 seconds to bring no of characters, background and best theme out of it which shows your real image.

After PPDT results announced and I cleared my PSB and was all set to ready for my FSB.

FSB will last for 5 days where you will have

  1. Psychology Tests
  2. GTO Tests (Only Indoor Tests)
  3. Personal Interview
  4. Conference

Total 80 candidates called for FSB out of which only 69 reported and the last number it’s me.

Psychology Tests:

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT): I wrote all pictures related to my personality.

Tip: don’t prepare anything in prior. Friends see the picture understand what happened/happening/will happen in your life which suites that picture.

Word Association Test (WAT):  I wrote sentences on all words.

Tip: You don’t have much time to think and react so friends after seeing the word understand which personality of yours suites that word and put it in the appropriate sequence mentioned in the answer sheet.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): I did 45 SRT’s only but my advice to you all is that try to complete all.

Tip: use telegraphic language or use separators to finish your sentences.

Self Description Test (SD): In this write down all your strengths weaknesses without fail.

Tip: ask your parents, teachers, friends, and ask yourself then you will get so many strong and weak points.

Friends in psychology test most important thing is how you behave and how you react to things which are surrounded to you. Just start focusing rather than complaining.

GTO: As I told you in GTO of ICG there will be no outdoor tests. Only Indoor tests

  1. 2 group discussions
  2. Group planning exercise (GPE)
  3. Lecturette

After my psychology test, our group called for GTO test on the same day and it went well.

Tip 1: Friends in GTO please co-ordinate with your group and discuss anything which you feel correct with your group and main thing in GD don’t make it a debate or one to one conversation.

Tip 2: In GPE put logical points to sort out situations given to you. Don’t leave any situation unattended. Everything which you do in SSB is interlinked with defence, since they were looking for a smart officer who will lead their men and country with pride and honour. Always help your team mates when they get struck, don’t be in haste especially in group task.

Tip 3: In Lecturette speak on the topic in which you are confident. Always try to speak on prons and cons. Use your speaking skills speak slowly clearly with confident.

Interview: Interviews are conducted on any one of the following days Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 by Board President/Deputy President/Technical Officer.

My interview held for hardly 10-15 minutes. My interview was on the Day 4 and mine is the last interview conducted by Deputy President.

Friends I don’t want to mess your mind by telling all my interview questions, But yes few repeated interview questions which every candidate get, I will tell you all those important questions.

IO: Prasanth, you were earning a good amount of salary in IT, why do you want to join the Indian Coast Guard?

Friends here IO is looking your motivational levels and the intention behind your mind to join the forces. Be clear with your ideas and have logical in that when you speak on this. I will give you my answer as an example, don’t copy it since IO will easily catch you, so rather think and answer IO with your Effective intelligence and Logical Reasoning.

Me: Sir, I am a son of a Indian Navy personal. I have seen the life style of Armed Forces from my childhood which always fascinates towards uniform. Sir, I so many people come to my dad takes suggestions or advice, One day I asked him why so many people approaching what is the reason behind it, then he said people are coming to me and asking suggestions because they respect the uniform which I wore and the rank which I am holding and service which I did gives me that respect and honour so people seeking my suggestions, The words inspires me a lot and motivated me such a way that makes me to strive hard for that Respect, Pride and Honour to join defence forces.

IO: Do you have girl friend?

Me: With a smile No Sir.

Friends don’t get confused in these type of questions. if you have tell IO there is no point if you have you will rejected or if you don’t have you will be getting selected. Be true to yourself.

IO: Tell me about your job profile?

Me: I leave the answer to you (Tell your role, skill set, projects, domain, platform, team size, how you motivate etc etc. Tell the related information about your job profile)

So finally my interview went well with huge smile on my face and it’s because I was confident and know all my strong points and weak points which helped me at the time of interview.

Conference Day/ Judgement Day:

It was going on sequence from chest no 1 to 69. As my chest no is 69, I was chilling out remembering all my previous conference attempts and enjoying as it is my last attempt. I and 68 (Naveen from Tamil Nadu who is one of my close friend from past 2 and half years) were waiting for our turns Naveen got selected for Indian Army TGC-125 and is waiting for merit list to join Indian Military Academy.

Chest No 68 went inside, then I realized oh my god this is my last attempt and I was waiting for almost 8-10 minutes outside before entering the conference room, then I said to myself that this time it’s you and entered inside the conference room and wished the president and my IO asked me to sit. Questions which were triggered me at the time of conference.

Deputy President: Prasanth what was going on your mind sitting outside?

Me: Sir, I was confident, so there nothing which is going on my mind.

DP: Prasanth any inputs you got from your friends who were coming and leaving out the conference room?

Me: Sir, I have been to this process many times, there is no such thing which I need to ask my friends and also it was said clearly no one will interact with the person who moves out of the conference room. So I am adhering the instructions given by the instructor.

DP: Any inputs you gave to your friends?

Me: I didn’t gave any inputs related to SSB, But yes so many of my friends asked me how you manage your leaves, work and prepare for SSB. I said to them if you have aim in your life then there is a word ZEAL will make you to strive hard to earn it and also explained them how I finish my work in prior and how my absence help my team with my inputs which we discuss internally. I explained these things to all friends who were asking me.

DP with a smile handed over the next question to President of the board.

Board President: Prasanth, you are 26+ don’t you think you can cope with candidates who are juniors to you in age.

Me: With smile and confidence, Sir! For me age is just a factor. I am handling 6-7 people in my team and there were freshers who use their brains and solve the critical issues and I learn from them. Sir, if it is useful for my organization and my growth I will definitely adhere them whether he his junior or senior.

President with a smile said to DP I am done and DP with smile said Prasanth any suggestions? I said No, Sir. Best of Luck Prasanth, Me: Thank you very much Sir.

After 20 minutes results announced

12 got recommended

From chest, no 1 to 49 —— 11 got recommended.

From chest no 50 to 69 —- only 1 got recommended and that’s me Chest No 69.

YES, I MADE IT, I MADE IT in my last attempt. I called my parents took their blessings and felt a proud moment in their words.



  1. Tejas Nagare

    Gentleman, hats off to your patience and hardwork 🔥✌️
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    Can i talk to you brother I have scheduled FSB very soon
  3. Naveen

    Congratulations future officer, Definitely,your experience will motivates all the deffence aspirants Thank you for sharing your valuable suggestions
    1. Shashikant

      Bhai itna late post aaya tera 4 saal service bhi kar li ab to.

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