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9 Solid Reasons To Join Indian Army Air Force Navy

Young candidates, appearing for SSB faces many hurdles during SSB preparation. Out of those several hurdles, one is the most asked question in personal interview. The question is “Why do...

9 Solid Reasons To Join Indian Army Air Force Navy 1

Young candidates, appearing for SSB faces many hurdles during SSB preparation. Out of those several hurdles, one is the most asked question in personal interview. The question is “Why do you want to join Indian Army/ Navy/ Air Force?” Sometimes, in the competition of impressing the IO, candidates give an answer that is not correct as per the current scenario. You have to come up with a good, practical and sensible answer. Following are some of the points that a candidate must opt to compose a suitable answer for this question.

Before going to points, we have some basic rules that aspirants should follow, in order to keep his interview simple, straight and impressive.

  • Answer should be Comprehensive
  • Communicate clearly and calmly to convey your thoughts correctly
  • Be honest and prepared to face counter questions and avoiding puzzling
  • Answer in a limited way to avoid further entangling in your own points

Now following are the points that are to be checked by all SSB aspirants to prepare for the question.

  1. Serving Motherland is above all jobs – There are several ways to serve the Motherland. Administrative jobs also serve the nations. But securing and serving it on the cost of life is an elite job and is incomparable. One faces several hurdles while serving on border, marked on some of the toughest terrains of the world, but motivation, leadership and going beyond limits to save the motherland means everything.
  2. Family background/ relatives – Family background judges the inclination toward Armed Forces a lot. Most of the candidates appearing in SSBs, belong to a family having Armed Forces as their job at first priority. IO can probe further by asking the details about the person (relative) serving or had served in the Armed Forces, your relations with that person etc.
  3. Uniform is a symbol of honour and pride – Flaunting salutes and uniform add a sense of pride respect and honour in a person. It is never given or transferred, it is earned.
  4. Best opportunity in sports and adventure activities – The Armed Forces are known for the adventure activities and sports events on every level. Serving in diverse terrains and fields,
  5. Organised lifestyle with discipline – Disciple is backbone of the Armed Forces and every soldier in the Armed Forces follows it with organised lifestyle that keeps life in a pattern. It keeps the mind and body active.
  6. Pay perks and facilities for family – Medical facility, canteen, grocery, housing, water and electricity facilities etc. are provided to all soldiers as well as their family.
  7. Job security – Parents always have a wish for their children to have an ensured job. The Armed Forces provide job ensured along with all other privileges.
  8. Physical fitness, education and new task everyday – Regular exercise and daily routine works keep a soldier physically fit and active during his working age. An active mind resides in a fit and healthy body
  9. A New experience on every step – Indian Armed Force is the organisation that is the last hope of the nation at the climax of any problem. This, in turn, increases the experience and teaches the ways to handle and tackle rarest situation that anybody faces in the life time. It is great learning experience for anybody.

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Conclusion – All above points are the main reasons of why someone want to join the Armed Forces. Your family background, discipline, respect and honour, facilities for family, adventure at every step  and most crucial, serving the Motherland can be a reason of why you decided to join the Armed Forces. Remember, be honest, while composing and answering, because counter questioning will trap the liars.

*Note – It is not compulsory to mention all the above points in the interview. Make your own answer by adopting the points that relate to you

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