AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys – 22 February – Shift 1 And Shift 2

Today AFCAT 1 2021 online exam is being conducted by Indian Air Force across the country. Many Indian Air force aspirants are attempting the AFCAT exam online on 20th, 21st and 22nd Feb 2021 in two different shifts. Candidates are to report to the exam centre in batches from 07:30 AM onwards (for 1st Shift) and 12:30 PM onwards (for 2nd Shift) as per the time slot mentioned in the admit card. In this article, we will publish the AFCAT 1 2021 answer keys for all sets based on the memory-based question-answer discussion.

They are to strictly adhere to the time of reporting in order to complete the entry formalities (including frisking) and verification process (biometrics, identification and inspection of admit card, ID proof, photograph, signature etc) before proceeding to the exam hall. The candidates are requested to locate the exam centre on the previous day so as to reach the venue in time on the day of their exam. Request for change of venue (exam centre) or date will not be entertained.

AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys22 February – Shift 1

1 Who is known as the Iron Man of India?
Ans. Sardar Patel – He is known as the iron man of India. He was a political and freedom leader in India’s freedom struggle. Sardar Patel put all his efforts to unify the fragments of princely states into the Indian union. Sardar Patel is known as the iron man of India because of his strong opinions for the unification of princely states into one nation, his positive outlook towards women empowerment and his active role to build India what it is today, he is called the Iron Man of India.
2 Punter is related to which sports?
Ans. Football – A punter (P) is a position in American and Canadian football. Punters are members of the special teams. Punts punt the ball away to the opposite team during a fourth (American) or Third (Canadian) down. The punter will sometimes do a fake punt and run or throw the ball.
3 Who is the author of ‘Odyssey’?
Ans. Homer – Dating to about 750 B.C., this bust is said to be of the Greek poet Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey—epic poems passed down orally by bards long before they were written down.
4 Who was the head of Revenue department during Mughal period?
Ans. Diwan-i-Wazarat – The ‘Diwan’ headed the finance and the revenue department while Mir Bakshi headed the military department.
5 ‘Stymie’ term is associated with which sports?
Ans. Golf – A stymie is an archaic rule in the game of golf for a situation or problem presenting such difficulties as to discourage or defeat any attempt to deal with or resolve it.
6 Rovers Cup is related to which sports?
Ans. Football – The Rovers Cup was an annual football tournament held in India. It was the second oldest tournament of India.
7 What is 66.5° N latitude called?
Ans. Arctic Circle – This line of latitude is located about 66 1/2 degrees north of the Equator. The area north of the Arctic Circle is known as the Arctic. The Antarctic Circle: This line of latitude is located about 66 1/2 degrees south of the Equator. The area south of the Antarctic Circle is known as the Antarctic.
8 Where is the headquarters of International Maritime Organization located?
Ans. London, United Kingdom – The International Maritime Organization (IMO); known as the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization until 1982 is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping. The IMO was established following agreement at a UN conference held in Geneva in 1948 and the IMO came into existence ten years later, meeting for the first time in 1959. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, the IMO currently has 174 member states and three associate members.
9 Who was the first Indian female gold medalist in Paralympics?
Ans. Deepa Malik – n September 2016, Deepa Malik, who comes from Haryana, scripted history by winning a silver medal in Shotput at Paralympics 2016. She became the first Indian woman athlete to win a medal at Paralympics in the women’s shot put event at the Rio Games.
10 Nada is a space agency of which country?
Ans. North Korea – National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) is the official space agency of North Korea, succeeding the Korean Committee of Space Technology (KCST). It was founded on April 1, 2013.
11 Who was the first acting Indian Prime Minister after India’s Independence?
Ans. Gulzari Lal Nanda – Gulzarilal Nanda was an Indian politician and economist who specialized in labour issues. He was the Acting Prime Minister of India for two short periods following the deaths of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964 and Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966.
12 What is the capital of Croatia?/ Zagreb is the capital of which country?
Ans. Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. Zagreb lies at an elevation of approximately 122 m above sea level.
13 Which instrument is used to measure the depth of the ocean?
Ans. Fathometer – An instrument used in measuring the depth of water by the time required for a sound wave to travel from surface to bottom and for its echo to be returned. It may also be used for measuring the rise and fall of the tides in offshore localities.
14 Who raised a movement against child marriage and sati in India?
Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy – Ram Mohan Roy created the Bramho Samaj, that sought to break the shackles of the caste system, and the fight against Sati that saved the lives of many women. He also advocated for property rights for women and fought child marriage.
15 What was the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
Ans. Lahore – Maharaja Ranjit Singh (called “The Lion of the Punjab”) (1780-1839) was a Sikh ruler of the Punjab. His tomb is located in Lahore, Pakistan. He is remembered for uniting the Punjab as a strong state and his possession of the Koh-i-noor diamond. He took the title of Maharaja on April 12, 1801 (to coincide with Baisakhi day), with Lahore having served as his capital from 1799.
16 Where was the 2016 Olympics held ?
Ans. Rio de Janeiro – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has elected Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as the host city of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016 during its 121st Session in Copenhagen, Denmark.
17 Fifa football was held for the first time which year ?
Ans. 1930 – The first competition for the cup was organized in 1930 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and was won by Uruguay.
18 Bhagwat Dayal Sharma was the first Chief Minister of which state?
Ans. Haryana – Bhagwat Dayal Sharma (26 January 1918 – 22 February 1993), popularly known as Panditji, was the first Chief Minister of the Indian state of Haryana and later Governor of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh from 30 April 1980 to 14 May 1984.
19 Which among the following is the west flowing river? (Ans. Narmada)
Ans. Narmada – The two major west flowing rivers are the Narmada and the Tapi. This exceptional behavior is because these rivers didn’t form valleys and instead, they flow through faults (linear rift, rift valley, trough) created due to the bending of the northern peninsula during the formation process of Himalayas.
20 Where is Diego Garcia located?
Ans. British Indian Ocean Territory – Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory is located at 7 Degrees South Latitude, off the tip of India. Diego Garcia is exclusively a military installation located on a small host country atoll in the Chagos Archipelago. The heavily vegetated island has an area of 6,720 acres.
21 Where is Gulf of Aden located?
Ans. Yemen – Gulf of Aden, deepwater basin that forms a natural sea link between the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. Named for the seaport of Aden, in southern Yemen, the gulf is situated between the coasts of Arabia and the Horn of Africa.
22 Which of the following is the oldest written text? (Ans. Rig Veda)
Ans. The Rigveda Samhita – The Rigveda Samhita is the oldest extant Indic text. It is a collection of 1,028 Vedic Sanskrit hymns and 10,600 verses in all, organized into ten books.
23 Which one of the following is a brown ore? (Ans. Limonite)
Ans. Limonite – An amorphous rusty brown mineral composed of hydrated iron oxide. Limonite is often found mixed with clay and sand in the form of a loose powder or a compact, slightly silky, mass.
24 Which country has Mediterranean environment?
25 The first para women forces is included in which – crpf/ cisf/ bsf?
Ans. CRPF – CRPF has taken another step towards women empowerment by inducting women commandos on the celebrations of 88th all-women battalion. Notably, 88th Mahila Battalion of CRPF has the distinction of being the first all-Mahila battalion in the world
26 Antonym of Vividly
Ans. Vague, Dull
27 Idiom – To cool one’s heels
Ans. Wait or be kept waiting. This term originally meant to cool one’s feet when they become hot from walking, and began to be used ironically for being forced to rest (or wait)
28 Idiom – To give currency
Ans. To make something seem more credible or probable, perhaps by providing additional information or details.
29 Antonym of Austerity
Ans. Cheerfulness, Laxity
30 Antonym of Musty
Ans. Fresh, Fragrant
31 Synonym of Ostracise
Ans. Exclude, Banish, Reject
32 Synonym of Facade
Ans. Pretence, Appearance
33 Idiom – To give something in leash
Ans. To maintain strict or tight control over one. A leash is a strap or rope that is used to restrain a dog or other animal.
34 Synonym of Patron
Ans. Supporter, Sponsor, Philanthropist
35 What value of x makes the given expression (10.99)^2+10.99×x+(0.03)^2 a perfect square?
Ans. 0.06
36 The profit made by selling 30 m of cloth is equals to the selling price of 10m of cloth find gain percentage?
Ans. 50%
37 A lies 30miles upstream to B.A person goes from A to B in 2h and back to in 4 h then find speed of person in stationary water and current..
38 venn diagram – vertebrate, nonvertebrate, turtle
39 venn diagram – poor, honesty, intelligent
40 venn diagram – bird, squirrel, sparrow
41 venn diagram – navy, commodore, captain
42 Red: Haemoglobin ::_______:chlorophyll
Ans. Green
43 Hockey: Game::Latin:______
Ans. Language

AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys22 February – Shift 2

1 Antonym of Inevitable
Ans. Avoidable, Uncertain
2 Antonym of Lackadaisical
Ans. Active, Enthusiastic
3 Synonym of Elude
Ans. Avoid, Dodge
4 Synonym of Inordinate
Ans. Excessive, Unreasonable
5 Antonym of Debauched
Ans. Wholesome, Clean-living
6 Who was the author of the book “Seven Summer”?
Ans. Mulk Raj Anand
7 Who is known as Mother of Indian Revolution?
Ans. Bhikaiji Rustom Cama – She was an outstanding lady of great courage, fearlessness, integrity, perseverance and passion for freedom, and is considered as the mother of Indian revolution because of her contributions to Indian freedom struggle.
8 Bauxite is the ore of which element?
Ans. Aluminum – Bauxite ore is the world’s primary source of aluminum. Bauxite is typically found in topsoil located in various tropical and subtropical regions.
9 Caracas is the capital of which country?
Ans. Venezuela – Caracas, city, capital of Venezuela, and one of the principal cities of South America. It is country’s primary centre of industry, commerce, education, and culture.
10 Which country does not experience tropical monsoon?
Ans. Iran
11 Limiting velocity at which the streamlined flow converts into a turbulent flow? Terminal velocity / critical velocity / limiting velocity
Ans. Critical Velocity
12 Which Outermost layer of the Sun is visible to us? Corona/chromosphere/stratosphere/ photosphere
Ans. Photosphere – The atmosphere of the sun is composed of several layers, mainly the photosphere, the chromosphere and the corona. The photosphere is the lowest layer of the solar atmosphere and essentially the solar “surface” that we see when we look at the Sun in “white” (i.e. regular, or visible) light.  
13 Which among these countries is not a member of NATO?
Austria/ Belgium/ Denmark/Germany
Ans. Austria – Six EU member states, all who have declared their non-alignment with military alliances, are not NATO members: Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden.
14 Who was the first Indian woman to reach the finals of the Olympics?
Ans.  PT Usha – Usha became the first Indian woman to reach the final of an Olympic event. She is the youngest Indian sprinter, at 16, to compete in the Olympics at the 1980 Moscow Games and won the first medal of the 1982 Asian Games in track and field.
15 Which country is known as “The land of the rising Sun”?
Ans. Japan – The kanji for ‘Nihon’ literally means ‘origin of the sun’, referring to the fact that Japan is located east of China and appeared to be the place from which the sun rose.
16 When was the Battle of Haldighati fought?
Ans. 18 June 1576 – The Battle of Haldighati was a battle fought on 18 June 1576 between the armies of the Rana of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, and the Mughal emperor Akbar’s forces, led by Man Singh I of Amber.
17 For how many days did the Battle of Mahabharata took place?
Ans. 18 days – Battle of Mahabharata or the Kurukshetra War lasted exactly for eighteen days, since sunrise to sunset.
18 Which Indian won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry?
Ans. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – Venkatraman “Venki” Ramakrishnan (born 1952) is an Indian-born British-American structural biologist who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath, “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome”.
19 What is Prime Meridian also known as?
Ans. Greenwich Meridian – The Prime Meridian is the imaginary line used to indicate 0∘ longitude that passes through Greenwich. It is also known as Greenwich Meridian because it passes through the place called Greenwich in London.
20 C K Naidu Trophy is related to which sports?
Ans. Cricket – C.K. Naidu Cup is associated with cricket. It is named after C.K. Naidu who was the first captain of the Indian cricket team in Test matches.
21 What is the discipline of Adam Smith?
Ans. Economics
22 Which animals are there in the Ashoka Pillar?
Ans. Lion, Horse, Bull, All the above
23 Who was the Chairman of the Sub Committee For Fundamental Rights?
Ans. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
24 The term ‘Tee’ is related to which sport? Golf / Badminton / Basketball / Skating
Ans. Golf
25 Odd one out: ISRO / NASA / ESA / SAARC
26 Lira is the currency of which country?
Ans. Italy
27 Where was Ghadar Party formed?
Ans. San Francisco The Ghadar Party, initially the Pacific Coast Hindustan Association, was formed on 15 July 1913 in the United States but before a decision to create headquarter at Yugantar Ashram in San Francisco was taken at a meeting in the town of Astoria in the state of Oregon in USA.
28 Venn diagram – Girls, Athletes, Singers
29 Venn diagram – Musicians, Instrumentalists, Violinists
30 Venn diagram – Men, Rodents, Living Beings
31 Venn diagram – mother, sister, wife
32 Venn diagram – deer, rabbit, mammal
33 Venn diagram – Bat, shark, lizard
34 Odd one out – Gora/ Khasi/ Kangra
35 Vandalism : Property :: Prejury : _______
Ans. Testimony
36 Sculptor : Atelier :: Miner : _________
Ans. Quarry

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