AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys – 21 February – Shift 1 and Shift 2

Today AFCAT 1 2021 online exam is being conducted by Indian Air Force across the country. Many Indian Air force aspirants are attempting the AFCAT exam online on 20th, 21st and 22nd Feb 2021 in two different shifts. Candidates are to report to the exam centre in batches from 07:30 AM onwards (for 1st Shift) and 12:30 PM onwards (for 2nd Shift) as per the time slot mentioned in the admit card. In this article, we will publish the AFCAT 1 2021 answer keys for all sets based on the memory-based question-answer discussion.

They are to strictly adhere to the time of reporting in order to complete the entry formalities (including frisking) and verification process (biometrics, identification and inspection of admit card, ID proof, photograph, signature etc) before proceeding to the exam hall. The candidates are requested to locate the exam centre on the previous day so as to reach the venue in time on the day of their exam. Request for change of venue (exam centre) or date will not be entertained.

AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys21 February – Shift 1

1 What is the Capital of Zimbabwe?
Ans. Harare – The capital and largest city is Harare. The second largest city is Bulawayo. A country of roughly 14 million people, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona, and Ndebele the most common.
2 Who adopted Indian constitution after independence?
Ans. The Constituent Assembly – With the last voting on the Constitution, it was adopted by the Constituent Assembly. The President of the Assembly signed a copy of the Constitution to officially bring it in force, although partially, because only 16 of the 395 Articles came into force at that point in time.
3 Who elects the Prime Minister?/ Who appoints the Prime Minister?
Ans. Member Of Parliament – The Prime Minister is elected by the Members of Parliament. Out of 545 seats in Lok Sabha, any party who wins a majority of seats choose their leader to be the head of the Government. Article 75 of the Constitution provides that the Prime Minister shall be appointed by the President but the President has to appoint the leader of the majority party in Lok Sabha as the Prime Minister. But when no party has a clear majority in the Lok Sabha the President can exercise his personal discretion in the appointment of Prime Minister.
4 What is ‘Ace’ in tennis?
Ans. In tennis, an ace is a legal serve that is not touched by the receiver, winning the point. In professional tennis, aces are generally seen on a player’s first serve, where the server can strike the ball with maximum force and take more chances with ball placement, such as the far corners of the service box.
5 If reading in barometer is declining fast, what will happen ?
Ans. Indication of Storm – A device that measures air pressure and shows when the weather is likely to change. If the reading is going down very fast then its an indication of storm (within 5-6 hours) otherwise a slow downfall of reading suggests a low pressure area is passing in a nearby region, it may rains.
6 Who is the First recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Puraskar?
Ans. Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand – This award was instituted in 1991-92. Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand was the first recipient of this award.
7 Jammy is the nickname of which cricketer ?
Ans. Rahul Dravid – Rahul Dravid’s father worked with jams-producing company Kissan and the cricketer was handed a bottle of jam whenever he went out playing, giving him the nickname ‘Jammy’.
8 Irani trophy is related to which sports?
Ans. Cricket – Irani, who was associated with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) from its inception in 1928, till his death in 1970. The fixture is played annually between the incumbent Ranji Trophy winners and the Rest of India Team
9 What are Mediterranean Islands known as ?
10 Who founded Khilji dynasty?
Ans. Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji – In 1,290, the Slave Sultans were succeeded by a new dynasty, known as Khiljis. Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji was the founder of Khilji dynasty.
11 Independence bill/ Indian Independence Act was passed on which date ?
Ans. July 16, 1947 – a minister in British cabinet, introduced the Indian Independence Bill in the British Parliament on July 3, 1947, and the Bill was passed on July 16, 1947. The Royal assent was granted on July 17, 1947, enforcing the Indian Independence Act, 1947.
12 Who is the writer of ramcharitmanas?
Ans. Tulsidas – Written in the 16th century by the poet Tulsidas, the poem is distinguished both by its great expression of love for a personal god and by its exemplification through its characters of the ideal conduct of a husband and ruler (Rama), wife (Sita), and brother (Lakshmana).
13 Who wrote ‘book of aryans’?
Ans. Bhagvan S. Gidvani – The book ‘Return of the Aryans’ was written by Bhagvan S. Gidvani. This book tells the epic story of the Aryans – a gripping tale of kings and poets, seers and gods, battles and romance and the rise and fall of civilizations.
14 Who translated Upanishads in Persian?
Ans. Dara Shikoh – He was the eldest son fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and the brother of Aurangzeb. Sirr-e-Akbar is his translation of the Upanishads in Persian.  His other famous work includes Majma-ul-Bahrain which was devoted to a revelation of the mystical affinities between Sufic and Vedantic speculation.
15 Wind blows at surface due to ?
16 Where is the College of defence management located?
Ans. Secunderabad – The institute, considered as the only exclusive college in Asia for defence management training to the Armed Forces, is run under the management of the Indian Armed Forces and is located in Sainikpuri in Secunderabad, in the recently formed Telangana State of India.
17 Who was first Arjun Award awardee?
18 Who wrote Panchatantra?
Ans. Vishnu Sharma – The Panchatantra means five books. It is possibly the oldest surviving collection of Indian fables, having been written around 200BC by Pandit Vishnu Sharma, a Hindu scholar. The book is called a Nitishastra, which means book that imparts wisdom on the correct conduct in life.
19 Igneous rock example (Ans. Granite)
Ans. Granite – It is the best-known igneous rock. Many people recognize granite because it is the most common igneous rock found at Earth’s surface and because granite is used to make many objects that they encounter in daily life. These include countertops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and cemetery monuments. Granite is used all around us – especially if you live in a large modern city.
20 What was the main source of early aryan visitors?
Ans. Avestan – Avestan is the Early Iranian language in which the Zoroastrian scriptures, the Avesta, are written, the earliest source for the origin and meaning of the term Aryan.
21 What is the zone between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn called?
Ans. Torrid Zone – The Torrid Zone, between the Tropic of Cancer at 23° 27′ N and the Tropic of Capricorn at 23° 27′ S, covers 39.78% of Earth’s surface. 
22 Which is not a tributary of Brahmaputra?
23 Wimbledon is played in which country?
Ans. England – Wimbledon tournament is one of the oldest and arguably the most prestigious tennis event in the world. Since 1877, the All England Club in Wimbledon, London has been hosting the event.
24 Yakshgana is the folk and tribal dance of which state?
Ans. Karnataka – Yakshagana is a traditional Indian theatre dance form, developed in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Uttara Kannada, Shimoga and western parts of Chikmagalur districts, in the state of Karnataka and in Kasaragod district in Kerala. It is believed that this dance form has been evolving since the Bhakti movement.
25 Which of the following is known as Jovian planet?
Ans. The giant planets of the outer solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are often referred to as ‘Jovian planets’.
26 Synonym of Industrious
Ans. Hardworking, Diligent
27 Antonym of Wreck
Ans. Create, Facilitate
28 Antonym/ Synonym of Baffle
Ans. Synonym: Bewilder, Perplex, Puzzle Antonym: Enlighten, Clear, Comprehend
29 Antonym/ Synonym of Belligerent
Ans. Synonym: Hostile, Aggressive Antonym: Friendly, Amiable
30 Antonym of Blissful
Ans. Sad, Miserable
31 Synonym of Mitigate
Ans. Reduce, Diminish
32 Idiom – To keep one’s head above the water
Ans. Stay out of trouble, especially financial difficulties. The definition is taken from the literal need to keep your head above the water when swimming. If you do not keep your head above water you will drown.
33 Idiom – To spill the beans
Ans. To reveal secret information accidentally or maliciously, often ruining a surprise or other plan. The phrase originated in ancient Greece, where people cast secret votes by putting white or black beans in a jar (a white bean indicated a positive vote and a black bean was negative). Beans are spilled to count votes.
34 Odd one out 1. red soil 2. Anthracite 3. alluvial soil 4. Black soil
  Anthracite – coal of a hard variety that contains relatively pure carbon and burns with little flame and smoke.
35 Odd one out 1.kangaroo 2.emu 3. royal bengal tiger 4.giant panda
36 Odd one out 1. Temperature: Fahrenheit 2.Distance: Metre 3.Newton: Force 4.Luminous: Candela
  Temperature: Fahrenheit
37 Odd one out 1.Pancreas 2. Pituitary gland 3.Thalamus
38 Which one is different?  (a) Victoria (b) Superior (c) Nile (d) Michigan
39 India : Lotus :: ____ : Iris
  France – Iris as the French national flower has a long history. The ancient royal family of France used the flower as their emblem for centuries.
40 Venn diagram – Teacher, Graduate, Player
41 Venn diagram – Page, Chapter, Book
42 Sachin scored 12000 in certain innings of its. In next five matches he manage to score just 95 runs such that his avg decreased by 1. Then what is the total no. of matches played by him?
  200 matches
43 A batsman in his 15th inning makes a score of 95 runs and thereby increases his average score by 5. What is average score after 15th inning.
  25 runs
44 40 men can complete a work in 60 days. They start and after 10 days 40 more men joined them. This process gets repeated until the work is finished. Find out the total days to complete the work.
45 A person sells a product at Rs. 340 and makes a 10% loss. What will be the selling price if 40% profit is to be made?
  Approx:529 Rs.
46 A man got Rs. 34000 as his PF and he deposited this amount in such a way in his daughters’ account who are 10 years and 12 years old so that they will get the same amount when they are 18 years old. The rate of interest was 10%. Whether it was profit or loss?
47 Two compounds are mixed together in the ratio 1:4. Compound 1 has 40% iron and 60% carbon. Compound 2 has 35% iron, 40% carbon and 25% chlorine. Find the ratio of iron and carbon.
48 A girl goes 6km against stream and 10 km with stream. In the same time if the speed of stream is 5/18 metre per second, what is the girl’s speed in still water?

AFCAT 1 2021 Answer Keys21 February – Shift 2

1 Synonym of Sloppy
Ans. Careless, Disorganized
2 Synonym of Truncate
Ans. Shorten, Diminish
3 Synonym/ Antonym of Antipathy
Ans. Synonym: Hostility, Enmity Antonym: Liking, Affinity
4 Antonym of Thrifty
Ans. Profligate, Extravagant
5 Synonym/ Antonym of Kindle
Ans. Synonym: Ignite, Arouse Antonym: Extinguish, Put out
6 Antonym of Quibble
Ans. Reason, Argue
7 Idiom – Throwing sand in someone’s eyes
Ans. Mislead someone. This metaphoric expression alludes to throwing dust or sand in the air to confuse a pursuing enemy.
8 Where is the headquarters of ADB located?
Ans. Mandaluyong, Philippines – The headquarters of the bank is at 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines, and it has 31 field offices in Asia and the Pacific and representative offices in Washington, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Sydney.
9 Which is the nearest capital to equator line in south America?
Ans. Quito – As its name suggests, the equator runs through Ecuador, and the closest major city to the line is the capital, Quito. Founded on the ruins of an Incan city, Quito has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, with historic structures filling this charming, bustling city.
10 Who was the recipient of the first Jnanpith award?
Ans. G. Sankara Kurup – G. Sankara Kurup (1901– 1978), a Malayalam poet, won the first Jnanpith Award in 1965, the year of its inception, for his anthology of poems, titled Odakkuzhal.
11 Which of the following is not a word in preamble? secularism /democratic /socialism /federalism
Ans. Federalism – The Preamble reads that we, the People of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and to secure to all its citizens justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. India has a federal form of government, i.e. a government at two or more levels.
12 What is the number of players in water polo?
Ans. Seven – Two teams compete to throw the ball into their opponent’s goal. Each consists of seven players, including a goalkeeper, and all play without their feet ever touching the bottom.
13 Who wrote the book “My Country, My Life”?
Ans. Lal Krishna Advani – My Country My Life is an autobiographical book by L. K. Advani, an Indian politician who served as the Deputy Prime Minister of India from 2002 to 2004 and was the Leader of the Opposition in the 15th Lok Sabha. The book was released on 19 March 2008 by Abdul Kalam, the eleventh President of India.  
14 GT Road was built by whom?
Ans. Chandragupta Maurya – Chandragupta Maurya of the Mauryan Empire in ancient India, built his highway along this ancient route called Uttarapatha in the 3rd century BC, extending it from the mouth of the Ganges to the north-western frontier of the Empire.
15 In Equinox, the sun’s rays directly falls on which of the following? Equator/ Tropic of Cancer/ Tropic of Capricorn/ The Pole
Ans. Equator – On 21st March and September 23rd, direct rays of the sun fall on the equator. At this position, neither of the poles is tilted towards the sun; so, the whole earth experiences equal days and equal nights. This is called an equinox.
16 Which Act of the British was called the Black Act?
Ans. Rowlatt Act – Rowlatt Act of 1919 is known as the black act or law as it severely curtailed civil liberties. The law made it possible for the British government to jail anyone suspected of plotting or overthrowing the government in jail even without a trial and to try them without any jury.
17 Which of the following occurs due to physical changes – oxidation /reduction /sublimation /decomposition?
Ans. Sublimation – sublimation is a physical change because it is just the change of a solid substance to it’s vapour state, no new substance is formed, and it can be again converted to solid this means it is a reversible change.
18 Diamond is the allotrope of which element?
Ans. Carbon – Diamond is a well-known allotrope of carbon that exhibits hardness and high dispersion of light. It is the hardest known natural mineral and finds applications in cutting, drilling, and jewelry, and as a potential semiconductor material.
19 Which language became official court language during Mughal period?’
Ans. Persian language – There was a deep and strong influence of Persian language and culture on the Mughal rulers due to their roots traced back to Persia and continuous diplomatic ties. Thus, Persian continued to remain the official language of the Mughal court.
20 Mehrauli pillar inscriptions is related to which dynasty?
Ans. Gupta dynasty – The Iron Pillar now seen at the Qutb Complex, New Delhi, India, was originally erected during the time of King Chandra and bears his inscription in Sanskrit. This king has been identified with Emperor Chandragupta II (c. 375 – 413/14 CE) of the Gupta dynasty.
21 Kho Kho was played for the first time in which country?/ Where was the first kho kho international championship held?/ where was the first kho kho game in the Olympics took place?
Ans. Kho Kho is a traditional game played in India. Its origins are ancient, with strategies and tactics likely derived from the epic ‘Mahabharata’. Kho Kho was first exhibited in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a special feature by a single team. As an international sport, it made its first entry in 1996 via the 1st Asian Kho Kho Championship in Kolkata and was strengthened in 2000 at the 2nd championships.
22 The Ursa Major constellation in India is known as?
Ans. Saptarishi – The Indian name of Ursa Major constellation or Great Bearconstellation is ‘Saptarishi’. The great bear constellation reminds us of large ladle or a question mark studded in the sky. The Ursa majorconstellation or great bear constellation consists of 7 bright stars arranged in a pattern resembling somewhat a big bear.
23 “Heave” term is related to which sports?
Ans. Wrestling –
24 Which paramilitary is formed after 1962
25 Which is the highest lifetime Award for sports in India?
Ans. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is the country’s highest sporting honour.
26 Who has won the maximum number of gold medals in Olympics?
Ans. Michael Phelps – Michael Phelps (United States) – Swimming – 23 gold medals. The most decorated Olympian of all time – by some distance. Phelps’ 23 gold medals, plus three silver and two bronze, came across four Olympic Games from Athens 2004 to Rio 2016.
27 Pascal is related to?
Ans. Pressure – The pascal is the unit of pressure or stress in the International System of Units (SI). It is named after the scientist Blaise Pascal. One pascal is equivalent to one newton (1 N) of force applied over an area of one meter squared (1 m2).
28 What is the full name of Babur?
Ans. Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur – Babur,  born Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad, was the founder of the Mughal Empire and first Emperor of the Mughal dynasty.
29 The term ‘Ikebana’ is related to?
Ans. Flowers – In ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, blossoms, branches, leaves, and stems find new life as materials for artmaking. In contrast to the western habits of casually placing flowers in a vase, ikebana aims to bring out the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials and express emotion.
30 Tropical Grasslands of Africa is known as?
Ans. Savannas – A savanna or savannah is a grassland ecosystem inhabited by the trees being sufficiently widely spaced so that the canopy does not close. The herbaceous layer at the floor of the forest gets enough sunlight by this open canopy. The widely spaced trees support the other flora at different strata of the forest. widely spaced, scattered trees. However, in many savannas, tree densities are higher and trees are more regularly spaced than in the forest.
31 Surya Shekhar Ganguly is related to which sports?
Ans. Chess – Surya Sekhar Ganguly (born 24 February 1983 in Kolkata) is an Indian chess grandmaster. His peak ELO rating was 2676. Ganguly became an International Master at the age of 16 and a grandmaster at the age of 19.
32 Phycology is a study of?
Ans. Algae
33 The word SHIRT was written as FUIEG, how will you code the word PARTY?
34 odd one out – mosquito, earthworm, ant, beetle
Ans. Earthworm
35 Venn diagram – wife, sister, mother
36 Venn diagram – sparrow, bird, mice
37 Venn diagram – eagle, aves, cat
38 Venn diagram – citizens, educated, humans
39 Two trains A & B are travelling between Delhi and Agra. Train A starts at 6:00 a.m. and reaches at 10:00 am and Train B start at 8:00 a.m. and reach at 11:30 a.m. What time do they meet?
Ans. 8:56 a.m
40 Average age of Atul, Abhishek & Mohit is 15 years. Average age of Atul, Abhishek & Anand is 18 years. Find the age of Mohit.
Ans. Difference between age of Anand & Mohit is 9 years
41 Simplification: 23 ÷ 46 x 75 + 512 – 251
Ans. 298.5
42 A boat takes 10 hours to go upstream 32 km and downstream 40 km. And takes 12 hours to go 38 km upstream and 50 km downstream. Find the rate of boat in still water.
Ans. Speed of still water 12 kmph & Speed of stream 8 kmph
43 average height of 22 toddlers increases by 2 inches when two toddlers are removed. the average height of 2 toddlers is one third of the average heights of 22 toddlers. find average height of 20 toddlers
Ans. 32 inches

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