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21 Awkward Questions CDS Aspirants Can Face In SSB Personal Interview

There is no fixed set of questions to be asked in the SSB, it varies from person to person depending upon the personality of a candidate and what interviewing officer wants to know about him in order to check his officer-like qualities. There can be some questions related to your personal life or an out-of-the-box question about which you have never given thought. Here are some of them.

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21 Awkward Questions CDS Aspirants Can Face In SSB Personal Interview 1
  1. What is the meaning of your name, how is it connected to your life ?
  2. Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend ? If yes, tell me about him / her ?
  3. What if you bf/ gf is going somewhere with someone you even do not know ?
  4. Suppose you are in a boat and suddenly your boat start sinking, whom will you save your father or mother and why?
  5. What is the most awkward incident of your life ?
  6. How many kids you want to have after your marriage and why?
  7. Can I call you Ramesh or Sita during this interview ? Is it fine for you ?
  8. What you think about the dating apps ? Have you ever used them ?
  9. Do you watch porn, if yes how often ?
  10. Tell me about any incident of your life that you want to share, I will give you three minutes to think and after that 5 minutes will be given to you to narrate it at front of me.
  11. Who is better among you and your siblings and why ?
  12. Suppose you are granted 5 wishes ? what will you wish ?
  13. What will you do or change if you will be the Prime Minister of India ?
  14. Where do you want to travel in your life and why have you decided to go to those places  ? 
  15. Do you smoke or drink, how often and why do you do so ?
  16. What is the financial condition of your family and what are your career plans to help your family ?
  17. Can you convince your parents for your love marriage, tell me how ?
  18. Where do you want to see yourselves in the next 5 years and what are your plans to reach there ?
  19. How many relationships you had ? And what were the reason of your break ups ? What all qualities you want in your future partner ?
  20. What is your biggest fear in life, what will you do if it happens with you right away ?
  21. Tell me everything about whatever you have noticed about this selection centre ?

These were some of the questions that can be asked to a candidate in the SSB interview. These questions are generally asked to candidates to check their mental state, to check whether they can response to the sudden situations and how they react to something awkward about which they have never thought. It is helpful in measuring the logical, rational thinking, speed of decision, mental stability of a candidate.

Candidate is advised to think for some seconds or ask smartly for permission by saying sir, can take 2 minutes to give it a thought and then to answer rather than just giving in articulated and confused answer. Speak what you feel, these answers cannot be framed perfectly without doing perfect things in life.

So, it is suggested to think why you are doing something, what are you doing in life, what all things matters to you and why. When you have clarity in life then you have clarity and convincing power in your answers. Think about it and ace it.

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