Technical Questions Asked In NDA SSB Interview

It is not a statement of doubt that the personal interview round of Stage-2 in SSB as a whole is based upon the life and surrounding of the candidate. A large number of questions in the interview might be from the PIQ form of candidates. Though the candidates have proven themselves in the written examination before coming to SSB, still there is a very high probability that they may be put through a certain set of technical question during their Personal Interview.

Though the reason of this question does not directly or indirectly affect the selection of candidate but are asked might be with the reason that how a candidate will react without knowing the answer or will he be lying or not in that situation. Below are some of the technical questions that could be asked during NDA interview:

  • Which one is your favourite subject, and what are the topics you liked the most inside it?
  • What is the principle behind the flying of the aeroplane?
  • On which principle does sailing of the ship is based?
  • What do you mean by trigonometry, and what is its significance?
  • State any three applications of trigonometry.
  • How would you find the angle of elevation of a building using two plane scales?
  • Tell me the approximate height, width and length of this interviewing room.
  • What are the approximate dimensions of the room tiles?
  • There may be questions from unit conversions. For example, convert 10 meters into feet.
  • There could be questions based upon the formula of speed, time and distance.
  • What is the approximate volume of the water in the glass kept on your right side?
  • What is the full form of LASER?
  • What is the full form of SONAR?
  • What do you mean by the term waves, and what is the difference between Longitudinal and Transverse waves?
  • What is the difference between a concave and convex mirror? Multiply 347 and 508.
  • If you have to go from India to America through waterways, then what all oceans do you need to cover?
  • Why do birds sitting on high voltage wires does not get shocked while humans get it?

Though as the candidates at NDA entry are well qualified with their knowledge, So, they can calmly reply to this question. But still, if they do not know the answer during the interview, then there is no need to be nervous in that condition. In fact, you could gently say that currently, you do not know this answer instead of lying about it. But do remember to prepare it at the time of the Conference.

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