Biggest Largest & Highest In The World [Full List]

The geographical features are:

  • Asia is the Largest continent with an area of 44.6 million km²
    • It is also the largest country in terms of population.
  • Australia is the smallest continent with an area of 8.6 million km²
    • The country of Australia and New Zealand together form the continent of Australia and both are an island country
  • Russia is the largest country with an area of 17.1 million km²
    • Located in the Northern part of Asian continent it is vastly spread from east to west and has the greatest land area across the globe.
  • Andes is the Longest Mountain range of approximately 7200 Km.
    • It covers and follows through the entire west coastal regions of the south American Continent
  • Himalayas is the Highest mountain range with highest peak of Mt. Everest
    • It is home to one of the highest mountains in the world and are also the youngest mountain ranges on the planet.
  • Sahara Desert is the Largest Hot desert in the world.
    • Its located in the northern part of the Africa and is responsible for the weather changes and wind currents of the globe.
  • Gobi Desert is the Largest Cold Desert in the world
    • Its almost like a virtual border between China & Mongolia.
    • Gobi Desert is shared by China & Mongolia.
  • Nile is the Longest River of the World
    • Enjoys the title of the longest river in the world and is in the Northern and North Eastern region of Africa.
    • Many major cities of the Saharan region depend heavily on the basin of Nile river for almost all their activities.
  • Amazon is the Largest river by water volume in the world
    • Located in the Amazon rain forest and has one of the biggest basins in the world and it goes through the amazon forest dropping its water in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Amazon Basin is the Largest basin in the World
  • Grand Canyon on the Colorado River is the largest Gorge
    • A gorge is a valley of steep rocky hills and normally has a streamline flowing through the region.
    • The Grand Canyon of USA is the largest gorge in the world.
  • Angel Falls is the Highest waterfall situated in Venezuela
    • It is in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela and the water falls from the height of 979 m.
  • Sundar Ban Delta is by far the largest delta in the world which is shared by India & Bangladesh.
  • Greenland is the Biggest Island in the world.
  • Gulf of Mexico is the Biggest Gulf in the World.
  • Hudson Bay is the Largest Bay in the World located in Canada.
  • Arabia is the Largest peninsula in the World.
  • Mauna Loa is the Largest volcano in the World
  • Ojos Del Salado is the Highest volcano in the World located in the Andes.
  • Mediterranean Sea is the Largest sea in the World which is geographically located in between the African and European continent.
  • Pacific Ocean is the Largest ocean in the World. It is also the Deepest ocean surrounded by the Ring of Fire.
  • Lake Baikal is the Deepest located in Siberia.
  • Lake Titicaca is the Highest lake located in Bolivia.
  • Like Superior is the Largest Fresh Water lake located in USA.
  • Lake Kariba is the Largest Artificial Lake located in Zimbabwe & Zambia.

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