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CDS 1 2024 Top 25 Important Words With Synonyms & Antonyms English Lecture Part 4

The Combined defence Services (CDS) exam stands as a crucial milestone for individuals aspiring to serve in the esteemed armed forces. Within the English section of the CDS exam, a...

The Combined defence Services (CDS) exam stands as a crucial milestone for individuals aspiring to serve in the esteemed armed forces. Within the English section of the CDS exam, a solid grasp of essential words is paramount for success. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, presenting a curated list of important words frequently asked in the CDS exam, along with example sentences, synonyms, and antonyms, to aid candidates in their preparation.

Ø CURSORY: Hurried; hence, superficial

Example: Time permitted only a cursory examination

Synonyms: perfunctory, hasty, casual

Antonyms: painstaking, meticulous

Ø DEFERENCE: Submitting to the wishes or judgment of another

Example: He yielded out of deference to the old man.

Synonyms: respect, complaisance, veneration

Antonym: recalcitrance, disrespect, rudeness

Ø DELINQUENT (noun.) An offender; (adj.) Failing to fulfill an obligation

Example: The man was found to be a delinquent by the court.

                     There are many people who are delinquent in meeting their civic duties.

Synonyms: lawbreaking, errant; negligent, irresponsible, derelict

Antonyms: conformist, dutiful, responsible

Ø DEMURE: Affectedly or falsely modest or prim

Example: She showed a serious demure as a Victorian maiden.

Synonyms: sedate, staid, decorous, prudish, coy

Antonyms: immodest, frivolous

Ø DENOUNCE (noun: DENUNCIATION): To speak against, criticize

Example: The patriot was denounced by the press as a traitor.

Synonyms: stigmatize, censure, reprehend, castigate

Antonyms: laud, eulogize, praise

Ø DEPLETE: To empty or to use up

Example: The minister depleted the public treasury by vast building programs.

Synonyms: exhaust, drain

Antonyms: replenish; (adj.) replete

Ø DEPLORE: To express sorrow or grief over

Example: It was a lamentable situation deplored by all parties.

Synonyms: lament, decry, grieve

Antonyms: admire, applaud

Ø DEPRECATE: To plead or argue against a certain course of action

Example: The council deprecated the proposal severely.

Synonyms: remonstrate, protest, decry, expostulate

Antonyms: sanction, confirm, acknowledge

Ø DEPRECIATE: To belittle or speak slightingly of

Example: Everyone depreciated John’s acting ability.

Synonyms: disparage, derogate (adj. derogatory)

Antonyms: enhance, magnify, extol, laud, eulogize

Ø DEVOID: Lacking in; not possessing

Example: He gave a speech devoid of even a trace of ill-will.

Synonym: destitute, lacking

Antonyms: abounding, prevalent

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Strategies for Preparation:

  • Create flashcards or mnemonic devices to aid memorization.
  • Practice using the words in sentences to reinforce understanding.
  • Engage in regular reading and vocabulary-building exercises.
  • Utilize online resources and vocabulary lists specific to the CDS exam.
  • Review synonyms and antonyms to grasp the nuances of word meanings.


Mastering essential words is a key component of success in the English section of the CDS exam. By familiarizing themselves with the words presented in this article, along with their example sentences, synonyms, and antonyms, candidates can enhance their language skills and approach the exam with confidence. Through dedicated practice and strategic preparation, aspiring candidates can elevate their performance and embark on the path towards achieving success in the CDS exam and beyond.

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