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CDS & AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Maths Number System Class 2

The Number System is a fundamental concept in mathematics, forming the basis for various mathematical operations and problem-solving techniques. In a recent class dedicated to the Number System for the CDS & AFCAT 1 2024 Exam, participants explored key sub-topics such as LCM, HCF, surds, decimal expansions, and series. The class primarily focused on revising these concepts through the practice of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). This article provides a comprehensive overview of the class, highlighting the essential concepts and emphasizing the importance of mastering the Number System for exam success.

Understanding LCM and HCF

The class began with discussing the Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF). Participants revisited the definitions of LCM and HCF and learned how to calculate them for a given set of numbers. Emphasis was placed on understanding the application of LCM and HCF in various mathematical problems, such as simplifying fractions and finding the least common denominator.

Exploring Surds and Order

Surds, or irrational numbers expressed in root form, were another key topic covered in the class. Participants learned about the properties of surds and practiced simplifying expressions involving surds. Additionally, the concept of order, which refers to the degree of a surd, was discussed, with participants learning how to compare and manipulate surds of different orders.

Decimal Expansions and Series

Decimal expansions of rational and irrational numbers were explored in detail during the class. Participants learned how to convert fractions into decimal form and vice versa, understanding the recurring and terminating patterns in decimal expansions. The class also delved into arithmetic and geometric series, exploring their sum formulas and applications in mathematical problems.

Understanding AP, GP, and HP

Arithmetic Progressions (AP), Geometric Progressions (GP), and Harmonic Progressions (HP) were introduced as essential concepts in the Number System. Participants revisited the formulas for calculating the nth term and sum of terms in AP, GP, and HP. Emphasis was placed on identifying patterns and applying these progressions to solve MCQs effectively.

Revision through Multiple-Choice Questions

The class concluded with an extensive revision session, where participants solved various MCQs covering LCM, HCF, surds, decimal expansions, and series, as well as AP, GP, and HP. This rigorous practice enabled participants to reinforce their understanding of the Number System concepts and enhance their problem-solving skills in preparation for the exam.


In conclusion, the Number System Class 1 for the CDS & AFCAT 1 2024 Exam provided participants with a comprehensive review of essential concepts such as LCM, HCF, surds, decimal expansions, and series. Through focused revision and practice with MCQs, participants gained valuable insights into the application of these concepts in solving mathematical problems. Mastering the Number System is crucial for success in competitive exams like the CDS & AFCAT, and the thorough understanding gained from this class will undoubtedly benefit participants in their exam preparation journey.

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