Cross-posting of Indian Army officers to IAF and Navy to Begin Soon

Major and Lieutenant Colonel level Army officers would be cross-posted to the IAF and Navy, with a similar number of IAF and Navy officers slated to be deployed to Army institutions for similar roles, according to top authorities. Officers will be assigned to missile, UAV, logistical, repair, and recovery units. Many of these items, including UAVs, radars, vehicles, and communications equipment, are shared by the three services.

Cross posting of Indian Army officers to IAF and Navy to Begin Soon

Until now, only a tiny number of officers have accepted such cross-service assignments. Officials reported just a few incidents of Army officers being assigned to particular responsibilities in naval or flying operations in the IAF, but such postings were rare.

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Significance of Cross-Postings

According to defence authorities, forming cross-functional teams is critical to attaining Theaterisation. Officers will be better suited to perform effectively within this structure if they acquire the ethos and peculiarities of all services early in their careers. Officers will be assigned to missile units to supervise UAVs, logistics, repair and recovery, and materials and supplies. Shared equipment, weapon systems, and platforms will help officers to develop a greater grasp of the service they are currently serving, leading to increased synergy and integration.

Ex Kavach
Exercise Kavach- Joint Exercise of Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard

“This would aid in overcoming the various challenges associated with reporting procedures, procurement, and supply chain management,” an official stated. He went on to say that the goal would be to learn best practices from one another and then establish a common functional base, which would be required once the theatre commands were created. “This will be a ground-up integration that will aid in the optimisation of support services,” the source stated.

Ex Kavach 1

The Indian Military is concluding plans to combine the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as their resources, into a single theatre command. In addition to the previously suggested four geographically based theatre commands, the government is considering developing unified theatre commands depending on their neighbouring opponents, according to the article. However, it is envisaged that the establishment of these orders will take some time. India maintains two joint service commands: the ANC and the SFC, which are in charge of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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