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Current Affairs 16 April 2024

In Current Affairs for 16 April 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS,...

In Current Affairs for 16 April 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Current Affairs.

Current Affairs 16 April 2024

Spring Meetings Of IMF & World Bank

  • Spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will begin in Washington with twin objectives of help countries to combat climate change, and assist the most indebted nations.
  • The events will start with the IMF’s publication of its updated World Economic Outlook.
image 386
  • The meetings will bring central bankers together with finance and development ministers, academics, and representatives from the private sector and civil society to discuss the state of the global economy.
  • This year marks the 80th anniversary of both institutions. They were born of the Bretton Woods conference, held in 1944 as allied nations sought to regulate the international financial order after World War II, which was then still raging.
  •  World Bank head Ajay Banga during a recent live streamed press conference said that there is the climate crisis, debt, food insecurity, pandemics and fragility. He said, there is clearly a need to accelerate access to clean air, water and energy.

16th Meeting Of India- France

  • The 16th Meeting of India-France Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism was held in New Delhi. During the meeting, the two sides assessed counter terrorism challenges, including the use of new and emerging technologies by terrorists, misuse of internet for terrorist purposes, radicalisation and terror financing.
image 387
  • External Affairs Ministry said, Anti-India separatist activities, and countering terror financing, organised crime and narco-terror network also featured in the discussions.
  • Both sides also exchanged views on the terrorist threats in their respective regions. This includes State-sponsored, cross-border terrorism in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, besides terror activities in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.
image 388
  • The Indian delegation was led by Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs K.D. Dewal, and the French delegation, by Ambassador Olivier Caron, Special Envoy for Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime.
  • During the meeting, the Indian side presented its viewpoints on ‘No Money for Terror’ (NMFT) and Financial Action Task Force, which led to an exchange of respective positions by the two sides.
  • The two sides also emphasised the importance of strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation through exchange of information, capacity building, training programmes and exercises, and cooperation at the multilateral fora

US, Japan, And Philippines

  • On April 11, 2024, President Joe Biden of the United States convened the inaugural trilateral summit at the White House in Washington D.C., bringing together leaders from the United States, Japan, and the Philippines.
image 389
  • The summit aimed to affirm America’s steadfast support for its allies, Japan and the Philippines, particularly amidst the escalating territorial disputes with China.
  • Prior to the summit, a joint maritime exercise named Maritime Cooperative Activity (MCA) took place in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines on April 7, 2024. The exercise involved maritime forces from the Philippines, Japan, the United States, and Australia, responding to allegations of Chinese harassment against the Philippines.
  • Tensions between China and the Philippines primarily revolve around the Second Thomas Shoal, located approximately 200 kilometers from Palawan. In 1999, the Philippines grounded the BRP Sierra Madre to bolster its claim on the shoal, leading to ongoing clashes with Chinese vessels attempting to impede or harass Philippine resupply missions.
image 390
  • Similarly, the Senkaku Islands dispute between China and Japan has seen Chinese ships encroaching into Japanese territorial waters since 2008. The United States has affirmed its defense treaty with Japan, emphasizing that the Senkaku Islands fall under its protective umbrella. Both the Senkaku Islands and the Second Thomas Shoal are situated within the South China Sea, a region of paramount strategic importance for trade and potentially abundant in oil and gas reserves. China’s expansive claims in the area have ignited conflicts with several neighboring countries.

South Asian Person Of The Year

  • Indian-American actress Avantika Vandanapu, best known for her role as Karen Shetty in the 2024 musical comedy “Mean Girls,” has been honored with the prestigious “South Asian Person of the Year” award by Harvard University. This accolade recognizes Vandanapu’s outstanding contributions to the arts and her role in promoting South Asian representation in global media.
image 391
  • Vandanapu’s recognition as the “South Asian Person of the Year” by Harvard University is a testament to the impact she has made in the entertainment industry and beyond.
  • This prestigious award not only celebrates her individual achievements but also highlights the importance of diverse representation and the power of storytelling that transcends cultural boundaries.

National Women’s Carrom Title

  • In a display of unparalleled skill and consistency, Rashmi Kumari has etched her name deeper into the annals of Indian carrom history by claiming her 12th National Carrom Championship title.
  • The three-time World Champion overcame a tough challenge from K Nagajothi in the women’s final.
image 392
  • The 51st National Carrom Championship, sponsored by the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) and SYNCO carrom company, attracted a strong field of 237 men and 174 women participants from across the country.
  • The tournament showcased the depth and diversity of talent in the sport, with the semifinals and quarterfinals providing a glimpse into the future of Indian carrom.

Enforcement Agencies Make Record

  • Enforcement Agencies have made a record seizure of over four thousand 650 crore rupees before the first phase of polling for the 18th Lok Sabha elections.
  • Election Commission has said, this marks a sharp increase over three thousand 475 crore rupees seized during the entire Lok Sabha election in 2019.
  • The Commission said, 45 per cent of the seizures are of drugs and narcotics. It said, the seizures have been possible by comprehensive planning, scaled-up collaboration and unified deterrence action from agencies and proactive citizen participation.
image 393
  • Election Commission stated that one hundred crore rupees seizure was made each day since 1st March of this year.
  • The commission said, the enhanced seizures reflect Election Commission’s unwavering commitment to monitor inducements and curb electoral malpractices for a level playing field, particularly in favour of smaller and less resourceful parties.
  • The seizures are a critical part of Election Commission resolve to conduct the Lok Sabha elections free of inducements and electoral malpractices and to ensure a level playing field.
  • The commission has also taken strict action against 106 government servants who have been found assisting politicians in campaigning, thereby violating the Code of Conduct and instructions.

Current Affairs 16 April Question

  1. Spring Meetings Related To
    A. IMF & World Bank
    B. IMF & WHO
    C. World Bank & WTO
    D. WTO & WHO
  2. South Asian Person Of The Year Awarded To
    A. Rashmi Kumari
    B. Sonam Bajwa
    C. Avantika Vandanapu
    D. Mithali Raj
  3. National Women’s Carrom Title Awarded To
    A. Rashmi Kumari
    B. Maria Irudayam
    C. Kajal Kumari
    D. Linda Pinto
  4. Where Was Homoeopathy Symposium Organized By Central Council For
    Research In Homoeopathy Inaugurated
    A. New Delhi
    B. Mumbai
    C. Kolkata
    D. Chennai
  5. Which Organization Is Set To Launch A New Edition Of The Girl Child
    Empowerment Mission
    A. NTPC
    B. BHEL
    C. SAIL
    D. ONGC
  6. What Percentage Has Asian Development Bank Raised India’s GDP Growth
    Forecast For Current Fiscal Year
    A. 6.5%
    B. 7%
    C. 7.5%
    D. 8%
  7. Which Bank Participated In First Credit Default Swap Trade Under New RBI
    A. SBI
    B. HDFC Bank
    C. Axis Bank
    D. ICICI Bank
  8. Which Organization Has Joined Forces With CSIR-IMMT To Enhance India’s
    Mineral Security Through Technical Collaboration
    A. NALCO
    B. BHEL
    C. KABIL
    D. SAIL
  9. Tuberculosis Treatment Success Rate Reported Until December 2023
    A. 84.3%
    B. 85.7%
    C. 87.2%
    D. 86.9%
  10. Which Indian State Hosted Inaugural Swami Vivekananda U20 Men’s National
    Football Championship
    A. Maharashtra
    B. Uttar Pradesh
    C. Chhattisgarh
    D. Rajasthan
  11. Who Is Set To Become First Indian Pilot To Embark On Space Tourism With
    Blue Origin’s NS-25 Mission
    A. Om Prakash Sanghi
    B. Satya Pal Shahi
    C. Gopi Thotakura
    D. Rohit Singh
  12. What Was Value Of India’s Digital Services Exports In 2023, According To WTO
    A. $125 billion
    B. $257 billion
    C. $350 billion
    D. $420 billion
  13. Who Has Been Appointed As A Member Of The University Grants Commission
    A. Amazon
    B. Flipkart
    C. Swiggy
    D. Zomato
  14. Who Has Been Appointed As A Member Of The University Grants Commission
    A. Sachidananda Mohanty
    B. Ananya Singh
    C. Vikram Patel
    D. Neha Sharma
  15. AT Which Institution, Sustainable Hydrogel Designed By Researchers Can Bind
    Contaminants And Degrade Them Using UV Light Irradiation
    A. MIT
    B. Stanford University
    C. Caltech
    D. IISc
  16. Name Of Ashneer Grover’s Latest Fintech Venture
    A. LoanPe
    B. ZeroPe
    C. FinUnicorn
    D. Finvest
  17. Which Mission Did ISRO Achieve A ‘Zero Orbital Debris’ Milestone With
    A. GSLV-D6
    B. PSLV-C35
    C. PSLV-C58
    D. GSLV-F08
  18. Which Country Declared A National Emergency To Combat Zombie Drug Crisis
    A. Liberia
    B. Sierra Leone
    C. Ghana
    D. Nigeria
  19. Which Country Is Deploying Its Own Atomic Clocks Nationwide To Synchronize
    Digital Devices
    A. Bhutan
    B. India
    C. Russia
    D. United States
  20. Who Has Been Appointed As Chairman Of US-India Tax Forum by USISPF
    A. Tarun Bajaj
    B. Mukesh Aghi
    C. Arun Kumar
    D. Nithesh Sharma

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