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Defence Current Affairs 16 April 2024

In Daily Defence Current Affairs for 16 April 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming...

In Daily Defence Current Affairs for 16 April 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Daily Defence Current Affairs.

Defence Current Affairs 16 April 2024

Exercise Dustlik 2024

  • The Indian Army contingent departed for the 5th edition of India- Uzbekistan joint military Exercise DUSTLIK. The Exercise is scheduled to be conducted from 15th to 28th April 2024 at Termez, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Exercise DUSTLIK is a yearly event conducted alternatively in India and Uzbekistan. Last edition was conducted at Pithoragarh (India) in February 2023.
  • The Indian Armed Forces contingent comprising 60 personnel is being represented by 45 personnel from the Indian Army, majorly from a Battalion of the JAT Regiment, and 15 personnel from the Indian Air Force.
  • The Uzbekistan contingent comprising approximately 100 personnel, from Uzbekistan Army and Air Force, will be represented by personnel from Southern Operational Command, part of South-West Military District.
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General Manoj Pande Embarks On A Visit To Uzbekistan

  • General Manoj Pande, the COAS departed on a visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan from 15th to 18th April 2024, marking a significant step in bolstering the defence cooperation between India and Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • On 16th April 2024, the COAS will pay homage to Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the 2nd PM of India, by laying a wreath at his monument. Thereafter, he will visit the Victory Park, commemorating Uzbekistan’s contributions and sacrifices in the Second World War.
  • The visit by General Manoj Pande aims at strengthening military cooperation between India and Uzbekistan besides exploring new avenues of collaboration between the two nations.
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US Doesn’t Want ‘Escalation’ With Iran But Will Defend Israel: Blinken

  • The United States does not want to see any escalation in hostilities with Iran, but will continue to defend Israel after it was attacked by Tehran, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday.
  • “We don’t seek escalation, but we’ll continue to support the defense of Israel and to protect our personnel in the region,” Blinken said at the start of a meeting with Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Tamim.
  • Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel late Saturday, in retaliation for a deadly April 1 strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria that Tehran blames on Israel.
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Amid Iran drone strike in Israel, IAF increases security at air Bases

  • With the threat of terror attacks on military establishments remaining a clear and present danger, the IAF has kicked off a plan to upgrade ground integrated perimeter security system at an additional 30 of its air bases across the country.
  • This initiative comes in the wake of ongoing efforts to install a comprehensive multi-layered, multi-sensor, hi-tech surveillance and intrusion detection system at 23 “crucial and sensitive” air bases.
  • “Of the 23 high-priority air bases, IPSS with command and control centers is now functional at 17-18 of them after some delay. Now, the plan is to install IPSS, with some additional features and upgrades, at 30 more air bases.”
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India Has Taken Steps To Modernise Its Military, Reduce Dependence On Russian Arms: US

  • Observing that India has showcased itself as a global leader, the top intelligence official from the US Department of Defense has told the Congress that in 2023, India took steps to modernise its military to compete with China and reduce its dependency on Russian origin-equipment.
  • “During the past year, India has showcased itself as a global leader by hosting the Group of 20 economic summit and demonstrated a greater willingness to counter PRC (People’s Republic of China) activity throughout the Indo-Pacific region,” Lt Gen Jeffrey Kruse, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • India, he said, has advanced partnerships in the Indo-Pacific with regional South China Sea claimants, such as the Philippines, through training and defence sales and deepened cooperation with the US, Australia, France and Japan.
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Multiple Choice Questions of DCA

  1. Where is the 5th edition of the India-Uzbekistan joint military Exercise DUSTLIK
    scheduled to be conducted?
    A. New Delhi, India
    B. Termez, Uzbekistan
    C. Pithoragarh, India
    D. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  2. Who departed on a visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan to bolster defence cooperation?
    A. General Manoj Pande
    B. General Bipin Rawat
    C. Admiral Karambir Singh
    D. Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria
  3. The Military Engineer Services (MES) is a construction agency of which Defence Force?
    A. Indian Army
    B. Indian Navy
    C. Indian Air Force
    D. Indian Coast Guard
  4. What is ‘Vigraha’, with respect to the Indian Coast Guard?
    A. Offshore Patrol Vessel
    B. Submarine
    C. Destroyer
    D. Interceptor Boat
  5. ‘Cheetah’ and ‘Chetak’ are the names of:
    A. Fighter aircrafts
    B. Helicopters
    C. Armoured vehicles
    D. Infantry regiments
  6. What is the highest commissioned rank awarded in the Navy?
    A. Commodore
    B. Captain
    C. Wing Commander
    D. Admiral
  7. ‘Varuna’ is a multilateral Defence Exercise b/w India &
    A. Japan
    B. Sri Lanka
    C. France
    D. Australia
  8. Super Hornet Is Made By
    A. Dassault
    B. Boeing
    C. Airbus
    D. HAL
  9. Heron Is A
    A. Tank
    B. Rifle
    C. UAV
    D. Helicopter
  10. Exercises B/w India And Nepal Lanka Is Called:
    A. Vayu
    C. Indra
    D. Surya Kiran
  11. AEW&CS Stands For
    A. Airborne Early Warning and Center System
    B. Airborne East Warning and Control System
    C. Airborne Early Warning and Control System
    D. None of the above
  12. Air Marshal Rank of IAF Is Equivalent to which rank of Indian Navy?
    A. Commodore
    B. Captain
    C. Commander
    D. Vice Admiral
  13. ‘CORPS’ In Indian Army Headed By__
    A. General Officer Commanding (GOC)
    B. General Officer Commanding-in-chief (GOC-in-C)
    C. Major General
    D. Brigadier
  14. Which Is/Are The Combat Arms Of The Indian Army?
    A. Infantry
    B. The Armoured Corp
    C. The Mechanized Infantry
    D. All of the above
  15. Bugatti Car Manufactured By
    A. Germany
    B. France
    C. Mexico
    D. USA
  16. India Purchased Dragunov SVD from
    A. USA
    B. Sweden
    C. France
    D. USSR
  17. Oslo Is The Capital Of
    A. Norway
    B. Palau
    C. Philippines
    D. Maldives
  18. “Mind-Master” Book Is Written By
    A. Roopa Pai
    B. Neha J Hiranandani
    C. M Venkaiah Naidu
    D. Viswanathan Anand and Susan Ninan
  19. Heckler & Koch MP5 Is A
    A. Submachine gun
    B. Machine pistol
    C. Sniper rifle
    D. Anti-material rifle
  20. Lt Gen. Rank Of Indian Army Is To Which Rank Of IAF?
    A. Vice Admiral
    B. Air Commodore
    C. Commodore
    D. Air Marshal


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